TC20 updated results

Ran 1 tc20 for 30 days non stop. Added a second and loaded it with 8 trainings each. 30 total results so far with 12 more loaded(6 in each). And a 3rd tc20 comes online in 3 days.
Scarlett, skittle x2, wu kong, Sabina. Rest 3*
All 3*.

I’m at my wits end. I got a 2nd Scarlett from summon right after the tc20 came out. Already have max wu Kong. And 2 Skittles…ugh. Sabina is ok but already have max melendor. Rigard would have been better.
After 8 months in my regular pay account I recently finally got 1st 5*, joon after numerous pulls. In my alt account I made in Oct, I got aegir 2 weeks in with no money spent and have managed to pull Scarlett, Chao, Cyprian and Little John. Not the best but nice that its rainbow. I also have 4* troops in my alt for every color including dupes and some are both crit and mana troops. My regular account I still have no blue 4* troops.
Its frustrating since im at point where I have mats to ascend 5* but can’t get them. Yet alli members get them like crazy. One got marjana on 3rd tc20 try. My leader has tons of 5s and recently pulled Santa, onatel, Alice and QoH(in 2 pulls), and got Frida andv thought it was mistake cause it wasn’t March(it switched at 7pm est).

I am done spending money as it got me no 5s. And now even tc20 isn’t helping. Im not being greedy, while I’d love the new hero’s, I’d be thrilled with Sartana, marjana, magni pretty much any 5s. I know the odds are supposed to be 80,15,5 so hopefully all this skewing away from that will give at least 2 or 3 5s. Ivec seen videos of tc20 reveals and each had about 7 to 10 in each and each had 1 or more 5* . I know its a gamble and rng but I don’t know what else to do. Ironically I only got joon out of rage. I was doing pulls and got nothing so I just decided to go nuts. I got 2 more nothing’s then on my last pull I almost quit but hit summon and out popped joon. Sorry for the story with thev results but it is frustrating to do everything you can and not get them. Esp being at level where I need then to move up in raids and can train them. Meanwhile others have them falling in their lap. Ill post results after this next batch finishes. One is done now but I don’t want to look.

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