TC20 Question

One of my alliance members affirms he recived Kage at training camp lvl20.
I thought you couldn’t get Atlantis heroes on TC20… is it possible or does my mate have a very bad memory?
Thanks in advance

It isn’t possible to get heroes other than core ones from training camps.
Or he is mistaken or he were joking.


Can’t be done. Kage is only from Atlantis portal.

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As has been said - he is mistaken

He’s pulling your leg. The only purple legendary available from tc20 are Sartana, Quintus, Domitia, and Obakan

Thanks, I was surprised reading that and found it very strange for SG to do…

Well, I wish like every players wish that heroes from season 2 can be produce from TC 20~


Yes, I want season 2 heroes from TCs, even if it means I have to convert a TC into an “Atlantis Training Camp” and it spits out mostly 3*.


then if it need to be consume food and recruit more than regular TC 20 (well, compared to diamonds that you have to throw to get regular heroes [300 dm] and season 2 heroes [350 dimonds] I want Atlantis Training Camp like u said @TGW!!! maybe this one could be New Idea to improve the game?


It’s one of a few ideas I have to improve the game.

Other ideas:

EPIC Hero Tokens should actually give EPIC heroes… 4* and 5* only. 5* can still be rare (5-10%) pulls, but no more trash 3* feeders.

300 gem pulls should also adhere to the above rule (EPIC and LEGENDARY heroes only, RARE heroes are not worth 300 gems)

Both 3* and 4* ascension materials should be sold in the gem store, at a reasonable rate (100-150 gems for 3* AM, 300-500 gems for 4* AM). Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned gems buying healing potions and packs of arrows, just get rid of these stupid items and replace them with things we actually need.

I understand the game summons are RNG-based. I understand that the game developers need to make money. I understand that this is a game of time and patience, and nobody is supposed to be able to advance to #1 in the leaderboards in a couple of weeks or months. But seriously, guys. Surely there is a middle ground here where we can all meet and most players will be happy and the devs still get their money? Maybe they’ll even get more money? Without making the game unevenly skewered towards catering to either whales or F2P.

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maybe @Garanwyn, @zephyr1 and @Kerridoc could link/move this new idea to the proper topic.

I like this, even if they reduce chances to get a token you would feel like getting one was an accomplishment. It’s been so long since I didn’t get a 3* with them that I get one and go “eh, big deal (eh?)”


Rumor probably all it is, it heard S2 hero’s different portal in the works. probably mostly wishful thinking. :grin:

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