TC20 percentages unbalanced?


I recently heard the percent chances for TC20 pulling were 75/20/5% for 3*,4* and 5* respectively…

which I don’t feel is ‘fair’. or maybe balanced is a better word. For the amount of time/grinding/waiting and potentially money spent to get to TC20, to only have 5% chance of getting 5* heroes seems very stingy.

Also, if you look at it, you can get 3*'s from just about every level from tc10 onwards… so the opportunity, expectation of getting 3*'s has been more than covered in TC10-TC19.

I definitely think the 5* percentage should be slightly increased… maybe to 10… but at the very least, the 3* percentage and 4* percentages should be the same or closer together…
For me then, I think a more balanced percentage range would be closer to 50,40,10 %

Also, just from a nit-picking point of view… on the game, if you look at the TC20 summon option, it talks about the opportunity of pulling Epic and legendary heroes… nothing about Rares… so a player has this expectation of a nice goalpost to reach… only to have it dashed by 75 chance of 3*…


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I’d like the percentages to be 75/20/5% … :slight_smile:
Mine are 84/13/3% (over 64 heroes).

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Actually, if the percentages are really 75/20/5 % then I’d be ok with that. I am not at TC20. At the moment leveling the Stronghold to 16. So I will still take some time.
There are many things about loot and percentages (I will elaborate on that) that I really don’t like in E&P.
But this percentage distribution sounds ok.
Writing this, I can’t believe my stupidness, because I expect that the percentage will be corrected very soon, if everybody is ok with it. So …
… yeah, totally agree, extreme bad distirbution. We definitely need 5* percentage at 20 at least.

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I understand that 5* heroes should not be easy… but not 5% hard…
and the main thing for me is the 3 and 4* percentage needs to change… you get 3* everywhere else… so no need to dominate TC20 with 3*s as well.


I understand people want 5*'s to come more frequently, but vastly increasing their generation rate (and 5% → 10% would be doubling their frequency which would be a pretty giant change) would throw off the balance of the rest of the game. Now you would have a stable full of 5* heroes but no way to generate enough food/recruits to level them. Next you would be way, way behind in ascension materials and the complaints would shift (even more than now) to how ascension materials should be more common.

The game is designed to go at a certain pace requiring many, many months to get to the top levels. If you want the game to go quicker - fine. Maybe this game isn’t for you. However, significantly changing the drop rates in TC20 for 4/5* heroes would require rebalancing many other portions of the game and significantly speeding up the pace of the whole game.


I disagree. Going from 5 to 10 percent would not vastly improve the amount of 5s. Still 90% chance you wont get a 5.

And where is the balance of 4s. You get 3s EVERYWHERE. Even on basic daily summons. And you mention about speeding up the game. But that is ok if you are willing to spend?. I see people 15 lvls beneath me with full 5* rosters. So how is that affecting the ‘balance’?

if the 5* percentage will not change then at least look at the 4* percentage.

And that ‘if you dont like it then maybe the game is not for you’… really? I think the reason most people are here is because they dig the game… or you just trolling?
How does any game ever improve if no-one ever takes the time to discuss the issues and try to improve it?

Fair enough that if you are posting here then you dig the game. I retract that comment.

Look at it this way. Currently the odds are about 5%/20% for 5*/4* heroes. Reasonably you could have 3 TC 20s running generating a hero every 2/3 day. You would be generating (on average) a 4* every 3 1/3 days and a 5* every ~13 days. That seems pretty good to me for something that is designed to be rare. A player is already hard pressed to level a 4* every 3 1/3 days while also leveling a 5* every 13 days. The ascension items would be even harder to get.

Doubling the odds means you would be generating (on average) a 4* every 1 2/3 days and a 5* in under a week. There is no way you would be able to level them or get the ascension items for them. Whether that is a better design choice or not is up for debate . . . but I think the odds are reasonable as they are.


If they give me HotM in it, they can even put 5* odds on 0,5%

understand that… I am just annoyed at my luck… lvl 35 and only 1 5* to speak of.
bought gems, spent money, done 10x pulls, and nothing, and like I said I then see lvl 20 people with full 5* teams… the TC20 pull is kinda my last hope at ever being able to move up in the world. given up on summons and hotm…

and they must definitely add to the game that it is not just Epic and Legendary heroes. need to mention rare in there as well, to temper peoples expectations.


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Well, I am level 29 (40% to 30) and have no 5* at all, and only 4 4* (2 of them rather fresh from the TC), all of them from the TC13. All gold hero coin summons have been 3* heros.
So, you are not alone with the bad luck.

I just turned to don’t give an f-word to the summons, and just do TC13 in 2 TCs.

This, of course, has as a result, that loots with golden hero coins also are considered less significant.

Honestly, don’t do two TC13, odds are really terrible.
You get the same heroes rushing to TC20 in no time, 'cause you have something like 6x better chance to get a 4* (plus chance at 5*)

Use 1 if you feel like it, but 2 is really a nonsense.

I’m at 2.5% (3/121) for 5* so even 5% would be a welcome rate :slight_smile:

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Good afternoon,
I think the percentages are fine, although I want to have all the 5 star heroes, I do not think that’s the way to get them.
My experience is this, I only spent 3 euros buying diamonds, until level 35 I did not have any 5 stars hero and I was quite frustrated, and my only hope was the TC20, I have 3 TC20 and in about 4 months I got Obaka, Quintus, Kadilen, Leonidas, Helena, Khagan, Marjana, Justice and Thorne.
This game is about having patience and not getting everything all of a sudden. If I got all this playing for 10 months, everyone can.


Good advice, Elpis.
I already read here, that the TC20 ratio is way better than the TC13.
But, I am in the game since January. I don’t even have all the 3* heros that I’d like to have.
And there is another problem with 3* heros: their special just doesn’t raise. So some autocanibalism helps here. And I got my only 4*s I have so far from it.
I am already raising Stronghold now towards 20, everthing prepared to power up now.
Until then I do 2 TC13 and use the remaining TC to “get rid” of all the backbacks and training swords. I don’t think I could keep up 2 TCs for “food production”.

I would only agree with TC 25 or 30 for better 5* chances and who knows, maybe Hotm 5% chance :stuck_out_tongue:

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