TC20 multiple hero claim fails

Hello, I had 6 or 7 heroes to claim from TC20 but when I clicked on white icon to claim, I got multiple hero windows simultaneously with spinning wheel but only the most top one showed me a hero. Instead of claim all, I clicked Ok and received single hero. No other window to claim hero…

You’ll need to raise a ticket with support, no-one on here will be able to help you

Although it might sound a bit on the noobish side type of inquiry, and having TC20 obviously means you have been playing for a while, so I mean no disrespect.

But do you have enough free roster space to hold the 6 or 7 heroes? I am one space short of a full roster, and just did a test, made two quick TC19 trainings and click on the hero bubble, the first hero card has an OK and a Claim All button. Of course, if I click on OK/Claim All, my roster is now full, so I can collect just the one and there is a message that shows my Hero Roster is Full.

However, if you are certain that you have 6 or 7 ready to collect prior to this collection and roster space wasn’t an issue, and finally your queue has no more ready to collect, then you might want to contact support, as suggested.

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No disrespect taken. I had free space… usually if there is no space, game will warn you or give only that amount of heroes which will fit. Rest will remain in the camp. But not this time, heroes just did not appear at all.

That was my hope. That they were still in the TC and you just hadn’t realized how the mechanic worked. Doesn’t sound like the case. That’s a bummer. Sorry.

Looks like submitting a ticket it is.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Dear players. Support team could not find in a log of my account a clear proof of bug. Therefore I ask you to always collect single hero from TC20 as soon they are ready.

I am now investing more materials and time to try to replicate this bug and record it on video.

I kindly ask your help to check this together with me and record a video of collecting multiple heroes from TC20. When I was collecting heroes, I did not go into the TC itself, I clicked on a white icon with hero on it from the base layout.

Thank you in advance if you are willing to help to nail down this bug.

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