Tc20 Improvement

I suggest that players should be allowed to use challenge, Atlantis, Valhalla coins, etc. on tc20 to produce hero’s from those summons to make tc20 more useful beyond just season 1 five stars.

The answer is hero academy, right?

Not necessarily, besides hero academy I think you should be able to use summon tokens on tc20 because once you summon all the season 1 five stars, exactly what purpose does it serve? So it would provide an additional use for tc20 beyond producing the season 1 five stars.

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Just do the hero academy and leave t20. Is that easy. What you suggest is never going to happen because they already implement another way to train heroes. Dont you see it??

I’m so sorry but I do agree TC20 needs another use other then season 1 5*'s the game is not really all that FTP friendly if they don’t change it. Not sure but I thought I read you have to use gems on Hero Academy and I don’t think that’s right. I also was reading alot of beta testers were not happy but SG did what they wanted to with Hero Academy. Enough people complained and they changed Telluria & Vera so I’m sure it’s possible for them to change TC20

SG’s recent patterns tell me that, if they could do it without causing an uproar, they’d sooner remove or greatly reduce the odds of getting even S1 5* heroes from TC20 than to add S2 5* heroes.

Like, if they could slow down player progression even further without getting pushback, they’d honestly consider it.

As an end game player who only needs two more S1 five stars, and zero fours, I get what you’re at here. But having a lot of heroes I will never ascend isn’t that appealing

TC20 does have its uses though, other than just heroes you don’t have, I keep a lot of food stored in my TC20 and run 2 x TC11 at the same time. Anytime I want to spend food on something, I can remove multiple trainings from the queue and pump all the recruits into TC11. Net result is circa 230k food for each training I remove.

So essentially TC20 acts as a food bank as well as training heroes. It is useful in end game just for that

I am running 2 TC11 also with 1013 days worth of training on each 1. Then I run 2 TC20. 1 for 5* and the other for backpacks & swords all the time

Luiii, I meant no offense or harm in any way, I just wished to share an opinion and an idea, that’s all. I wasn’t intending to offend you or anyone. I apologize if I did, I don’t understand why it’s necessary for you to be so mean and rude back. I know you wouldn’t like it if anyone did that to you, why are you doing something you wouldn’t stand for if it was done to you. You don’t need to be mean or rude, I understand you disagree and that’s perfectly okay, but to be mean and rude is not necessary and I don’t get how you putting someone else down solves anything.

We are mixing two mechanics here. Training camp is for training. Summoning portal is for summons.

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Putting mechanics and purposes of things aside, the main point I wanted to emphasize was that once the season 1 hero’s were acquired the usefulness of tc20 gets diminished, not completely but greatly diminished. So my suggestion was a way to keep the usefulness of tc20 intact.

Not really. My TC20 is queued for over 430 days. It currently serves as a food and recruit bank. I can withdraw food for researching in Hero Academy functions, or use them powerleveling heroes, or level my prized troops which is getting ridiculously expensive, or use food for transmuting in Alchemy Lab, or embleming heroes. The recruit stored there may be dumped for TC11 functions or serve as a requirement for training 3* troops in HA. Sorry, but if you want to summon S2, S3, challenge and seasonal events heroes, you can do them in those times where such specific dates are open

Ultra please don’t tell me sorry. This forum is meant to somewhere individuals can share ideas freely. I have been catching hell since making this suggestion simply because people don’t agree. Everyone has a right to agree or not, but not to give someone grief and suffering just because they don’t like it. Put yourself in my shoes, how would you like it if people gave you hell over a small suggestion or idea, you wouldn’t stand for it either. I wouldn’t have said sorry to you, I would have said that I don’t agree but I understand the point you wanted to make respectfully. I already use one training camp for banking, I don’t need another, what I and other players need is another avenue to acquire hero’s because the luck of pulls is stacked against us. If you hate us for trying to point it out or offer solutions then contact SG and tell them to make it right so we don’t have to point it out or offer solutions. I don’t like or appreciate you being rude though, just as you wouldn’t appreciate it if it was done to you.

Correct. We are sharing ideas freely. As it should be. That’s why it’s called the forum.

Really? How? Are you in fire? Were you being bullied? By whom? Have you read the posts above? No one was bullying you.

Correct. As it should be in a free society

Did someone gave you grief and suffering? In what form? How? When? Why? And by whom? Can you reread the posts above?

Either my idea or suggestion sucks, or maybe I need to use my charms and wits to better convince the naysayers. If my idea or suggestion sucks, I would remain quiet and forget that idea or suggestion. But if my idea or suggestion is good, i will have the conviction to stand by it and fight for it.

You don’t need to be sorry on something you don’t have to be apologetic for. Neither of us were transgressors here. You laid an idea and people commented on that idea on its merits and flaws (more to that later).

Wait until SG has provided future update that will enable Stronghold level 50 where some structures will be available that will allow training for S2 heroes, S3 heroes, S4 heroes, S5 heroes, challenge event heroes, seasonal heroes, past HOTMs. And if you cannot wait for it to happen, try getting more luck in your summon by collecting 1 ton of 4-leaf clovers, or 1 ton of rabbit’s feet, or 1 ton of DNA of Marvel’s Domino. I am 1,000% sure that if you get any of those lucky charms, you will get any hero you want using single pulls.

Say what? Now tell me, which part of my previous post was I rude? Maybe you’re barking on the wrong tree. @Luiii was not even rude IMHO, merely pointing out some established mechanics.

Going back to your first post:

As pointed out by @littleKAF, training camp is for training heroes and training takes time ranging from 1 minute to 2 days, whereas Atlantis Coins, Valhalla Coins, Challenge Coins, etc. are items used for summoning heroes from the summoning portals and summoning there takes an instant to do so. THEY HAVE DIFFERENT MECHANICS. Unless your idea really is for those coins to be usable at the training camps, which would result to an absurdity since they are not training camps anymore but summoning camps.

Now that you have laid your idea, this is my comment on your idea, freely given in this free world of ours.

What do you want from me?

Closing this thread; can reopen later if the idea pops up again.

Overall tho, Summon tokens will not ever be able to be used in the training camps because, as @littleKAF said above, they are two different mechanics, one being instant and the other being gradual. Summon tokens will only be able to be used in a summon portal.

But for now have a gander of this thread petitioning to add S2 heroes to the Training camps:

and this one:

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