TC20 heroes - 1 by 1 or 10 pull...?

tc20 pulls
  • 1 by 1
  • 10 pull
  • 20 pull
  • 30 or more pull
  • Random

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Interesting, can one ‘reset’ the RNG seed :thinking:
Shake the candy jar, so to speak

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I have over 50 heros to level, I can’t leave anything in a TC it gets pulled and USED


I have a superstition about this and I only run 6 week campaigns on 2 TC20’s, quit for while, rinse and repeat; Guaranteed you’ll get an Elena.

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I ditched tc20 once I got ha10. It’s pointless now.

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I’ve mostly been doing 1 by 1 since I’ve started charting every hero I pulled and “calculating” it in a personal spreadsheet. For the most part, it also makes getting a 5* when I expect a 3* funny. I even had a brief moment where I started getting 4* heroes back to back. I think the streak was 3 before it went back to a 3*.

I’m now going to be focused on getting their myself, since all the Advanced Iron Storages I have are officially maxed out. Will soon find myself needing to max out my Adv. Food Storages too since research alone requires more food than my current cap.

And if you have quite a few S1 duplicates to retrain, yeah, TC20 is pointless. This actually has me thinking about keeping mines going until I either get one of every S1 5* hero. I’m now down to missing 3 of them: Magni, Sartana, and Lianna.

You are missing the 3 big snipers from s1. I still do this day love those s1 snipers. They wreck chit.


Yep. When I started getting the S1 snipers, it started with Marjana… and then two days later, Joon. But that’s kinda been it. I’m even luckier that I got Domitia during Costume Chamber (and then managed to follow that with a second pull of Kadilen & her costume). So far, Joon and Domitia are the only two 5* heroes I have maxed. Quite fun!

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