Tc20 gives me nothing

Couple minutes ago I was supposed to receive a hero from the tc20 but I didn’t get anything

Please check your activity log and post a screenshot of it in here. You find it at OPTIONS → SUPPORT
Thank you:)


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It shows you got 3 star green hero - i guess you can call that nothing from tc20 - welcome to the club - 90 % of the time thags all you get


@bolerad, TC20 has around a 5% chance of a 5*…but that 5% is every hero. I had my TC20 running for months before I got a 5*, plenty of Friar Tucks, Greymane’s and Dawa’s though.
Don’t be discouraged, just lower your expectations and soon you’ll be surprised. Good Luck!!! Hope your next TC20 is a 5*…minimally a 4* that you don’t have yet.

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I have uploaded the screen shots

I did not receive the hero from tc20 but this happened first time since I
started to play this game. Is this something I can expect in the



It is not about 3, 4 or 5* hero. Two days has expired and I was expecting any hero to get out of the TC20. I would not complain if received any number of stars hero. THERE WAS NO HERO AT ALL after 2 days, so 100 recruits, required food , sharping stone and two days spent for nothing.

Your screenshot shows you recieved Berden


Berden (whom I have “affectionately” nicknamed “Burden”… he’s actually not terrible, for a 3* hero)

EDIT: you said you were supposed to receive a hero a couple of minutes ago… do you have two TC20s running simultaneously? It takes 2 days to train a TC20 hero. So if you’re only running a single TC20, you collected Berden 17 hours ago, you have to wait 31 hours to get another one.

EDIT 2: Hmm… okay. If you’re running two TC20s, yeah, there should be something from the other one…do you have a screenshot of your current base to show progress on the TC20s?


Yes, I received Berden from the other TC20, several hours before the one I am talking about.

@bolerad, that’s a bit of important information you accidentally left out. Big difference between 1-TC20 and 4-TC20’s.

May want to open a ticket with support if you feel you are missing a hero from a TC20. No one here can change anything. We all, including the moderators, are just fans of the game.

You can do this by hitting MENU> OPTIONS >SUPPORT in the game app


Sorry @bolerad, didn’t realize you were running more than one tc20. May want to follow PapaHeavy’s advice.

Yeah that’s some serious training you’ve got going on.

Was it your fourth TC20 that didn’t give you any heroes? Maybe there’s some kind of glitch if you run four at a time. Which would be disheartening, because that was one of my long-term goals. :confused:

Ok guys
I just submitted a ticket to support and lets hope everything is going to be okay.
Thank you all for your help and advises, really appreciated.

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I’m also very upset about TC20 results . I’m doing TC20 as I’m getting lot of recurits but all r waste .

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