TC20 Does Not Give A Hero


Two days ago I recognized, my timer for creating a hero run out and I did not get any hero.
I checked my logfiles and it is true, the “actual” hero was given, the hero of three days ago was given, nothing but I got in between.
I submitted the case for E&P and now waiting for an answer.
To my surprise the same happened 4 hours ago. My counter went to zero, the next task (counter) started and no hero was given.
I think, this happened to me already, but I thought I collected the hero, just I forgot. I just now recognized we have a logfile
Now I’m sure I did not collect the hero, it was not given to me like now and two days ago too.

Did anybody have a same experience?

Best to just check your Recent Activity Log;

Access by going (in game) to:
Settings -> Support Tab -> Recent Activity

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Hi @Guvnor
I tried to tell in my article, the first thing I did was to check the Activity Log. There I found I really did not get any hero – now to tell – every second time.
The last problem just happened to me an hour back, I did watch (!) the counter running down, showing 3d 0h 1m… then one minute later even 2d 23h 59m while no hero appeared to collect.

The Support already confirmed the loss of heroes, they are just investigating. To my unluck, it seems I’m the only one in the world having this trouble – or having this trouble ever reported to E&P.

It would be great if other people could check this, who knows, they just did not find they have the same problem I have!
Bear in mind, this happened to me already before, I just did not recognize it! As the counter runs once a day, I mean, it is very easy to run over without recognizing.

TC20 runs for 2 days, not 1. If your counter went from 3d 0h 1m to 2d 23h 59m, that’s the middle of a training cycle. There wouldn’t be a hero to collect.



TC20 Legendary Hero runs 24 hours. Every day you get a new hero. Easy to check, go to train a new hero, your counter increases exactly one day (24h) and not 48.
I guess you checked it wrongly.

Here is a hardcopy for you. I have two heroes remaining and the counter shows correctly 2d Xh remaining.
When I get the hero, the counter starts count down for only 24 hours, till zero.
This indication is a bit disturbing, as the 2d means not 2 days plus X hours. You can check if you just train one hero. In that case no days are displayed just hours, minutes and seconds.
Other training inside the TC20 are going slower/faster, yes.

As @NPNKY has said, TC20 run for 2 days( 48hrs).
As from your picture, yes, you have 2 heroes training. One you will receive when the clock goes down the remaining 9hrs 6min (X hr) , followed by the second hero in exactly 2 days after(48hrs)… not 24 hrs.


Here is my current TC20. As you see, the timer is at 96 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes

Here is that same TC after I take 1 training out. The timer is now at 94 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes.

This is where you say “Oops, I was wrong. I’m sorry.”


Oops nvm, I mixed the two posters together. :smile: Yeah just read the last post.

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In the meantime I recognized, the OK (!) TC20 runs really 2 days. My TC20 and maybe other’s but gave time-to-time heroes after 24 hours.
I found a CORRECT hardcopy where you see, there are 2 (two) heroes left the counter shows but 1d 23h 59m.
Maybe you recognized, there was an “urgent” patch released close AFTER I reported the problem direct to E&P and since this my TC20 is running as it should be.
Therefore it would be hard for me to say “I was wrong”, as the game cheated me time-to-time.
Maybe it is time to say, “ooops, I did not think you could be right by your own experience”. But it is not necessary.

Anyhow, thanks to you helping to clean up this real bug. E&P was happy about too.


How does your timer say 2 days + x for two Heroes when the duration for one was only 24 hours? Your own screen proofs you were wrong all the time :sweat_smile:

I’m glad it’s fixed for you

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