TC20-collecting singles or in groups

I was reading the TC20 resluts section and saw an interesting post and wanted to know if anyone could confirm it or shed light on it. There was a question as to if it mattered if you collect in singles or in a group and when the RNG actually generates your hero. It turns out the many thought it was when training starts and other thought when it was collected.
Someone in beta seems to have confirmed the time. When the beta account was generated they had TC20 running. When they then collected from TC20 after the new beta account was copied, they got a Joon in TC20 but in the regular account it was a 3*. It would seem that it generates them upon collection if this is true.
Can anyone shed light on this? I am pretty happy with my TC20 results which are right at 5% after my first 100 trainings. I stopped collecting data but am still running them and would like to know if it is in fact better to collect in a group or single and if there is any truth to the above about when it generates.
I pulled a bunch of singles when I started to get only 3s and a few 4s. I then collected after I had a bunch and got a 5 in each of the 3 batches of about 10 from each TC20. On my second collection I collected another 3 5* as well with a total of 6 at the 100 mark s its at 6% slightly higher than the expected 5%. 2 red, 2 purple, 1 yellow and 1 blue. So color is also roughly correct as well for a small sample.
THanks to anyone who can elucidate this topic.

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Short answer
When collected

Long answer
It’s complicated

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