Tc20 broken

My tc20 is broken been running constantly for over 6 months and not one 5 star

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Seems broken. :wink:
I run it for week now and got Elena and a 2nd Domitia.

Maybe just bad luck, maybe…


I’ve gone 5 months … followed by 5 5* in 2 months.


Because it’s random, you may be able to get 3x 5* hero in a row, and you also may not get one for 6 months. It’s not broken, it’s perfectly normal, you just happen to be on the wrong end of the stick at the moment.


I feel that. I went straight through November and December getting nothing from my two TC20s. Until yesterday when I got a duplicate Thorne :neutral_face: whom I really don’t know what I’ll do with.


I hear you there. I did 3x 10-pulls in Teltoc and got a brand new 5* – Thorne :roll_eyes:

I managed to avoid him in TC20 for a year and a half …


This only happened to me once but, on that particular day, I got Marjana from one tc20 in the morning; then Obakan from another in the afternoon.

Like I said, this only happened once. Usually it is running 2 (sometimes even 3) tc20 for months before you get a 5*. My most recent acquisition is Horgall, after I don’t even remember how many months.


I did 28 pulls from Teltoc and gained my second gorilla :sob: (only 5*) , 7 pull from TC gave me Thorne…


Gorilla? I assume you meant Guardian Kong?

Pretty sure Kong is a cow; or ox; or bull; or whatever the correct word is lol

No, I think he’s supposed to be like King Kong.

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I ran two TC20 for 379 days in total and got the following.
Total Pulls:

3 stars - 305
4 stars - 58
5 stars - 16

Should give you an indication of how many pulls you need to do in order to snag a 5 star.


Convert it to an alchemy lab. Use that for a while. TC20 will no longer seem broken.


Damnnnn!!! I hope that doesn’t happen to me, I finally got 1 of my training camps to 20 and waiting for research to finish.

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