Tc20 broken

My tc20 is broken been running constantly for over 6 months and not one 5 star


Seems broken. :wink:
I run it for week now and got Elena and a 2nd Domitia.

Maybe just bad luck, maybe…


I’ve gone 5 months … followed by 5 5* in 2 months.


Because it’s random, you may be able to get 3x 5* hero in a row, and you also may not get one for 6 months. It’s not broken, it’s perfectly normal, you just happen to be on the wrong end of the stick at the moment.


I feel that. I went straight through November and December getting nothing from my two TC20s. Until yesterday when I got a duplicate Thorne :neutral_face: whom I really don’t know what I’ll do with.


I hear you there. I did 3x 10-pulls in Teltoc and got a brand new 5* – Thorne :roll_eyes:

I managed to avoid him in TC20 for a year and a half …


This only happened to me once but, on that particular day, I got Marjana from one tc20 in the morning; then Obakan from another in the afternoon.

Like I said, this only happened once. Usually it is running 2 (sometimes even 3) tc20 for months before you get a 5*. My most recent acquisition is Horgall, after I don’t even remember how many months.


I did 28 pulls from Teltoc and gained my second gorilla :sob: (only 5*) , 7 pull from TC gave me Thorne…


Gorilla? I assume you meant Guardian Kong?

Pretty sure Kong is a cow; or ox; or bull; or whatever the correct word is lol

No, I think he’s supposed to be like King Kong.

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I ran two TC20 for 379 days in total and got the following.
Total Pulls:

3 stars - 305
4 stars - 58
5 stars - 16

Should give you an indication of how many pulls you need to do in order to snag a 5 star.


Convert it to an alchemy lab. Use that for a while. TC20 will no longer seem broken.


Damnnnn!!! I hope that doesn’t happen to me, I finally got 1 of my training camps to 20 and waiting for research to finish.

Just an update. Still no 5 stars still running constantly and use my 2nd tc20 too sometimes. It is broken I’m telling ya

That is one serious case of RNG misery. I hope it turns around soon for you.

Maybe your luck s somewhere in summons.
I’ve had spent more than thousand bucks on Atlantis portal without getting any legendary.
But for the past 11 months, I’ve pulled more than 15 legendary heroes from two Tc20 running 24/7 with more than 40 days of que on both.
Right now, Joon is the only reason I am still running two!

For advanced F2P gamers, Tc20 is way much better than Tc13 as a recruits bank as it doubled up as a money bank too!

Just got my first ever Kadilen from TC20. Working as intended

haha I stopped my TC20 for about 6 weeks, I ran it again, the first out was Joon… then I think I had something silly like a Friar Tuck, then I got an Elena the 3rd time… So I stopped

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Itvtook me until about 38 to get first 5s but I was running 3 and collected in groups after 20. Got 3 first time then 2,3 each after. Though last 2 months nothing. Then I got leo and another Richard. Still want sartana and marjana then I’ll run less tc to finish all and get azlar, quintus, elk and Thorne . I do have 3 Joon and 2 magni plus other dupes so I’m lucky plus Viv and lianna too. Hoping to get Viv costume.

But I have bad summons. Only 1 s2 5 Mitsuko. Only event 4 is Peter’s but I have Vlad who sucks but also Buchan and pixie who I got w Grimble my only hotm. I was around 7% after 100 pulls then stopped tracking details but I’m around 400 with 14 of 20 and with only wanting the 2 other snipers it’s rough but it’s better than gems wasted …

My alt has 1 tc20 and it’s run about 10 on occasion and I just got Elena as first one from that tc. But my alt also got aegir back when he came out as hotm plus I got rigard and li xiu costume and Richard on final pull all w heroes and I didn’t have them in my alt which I used to play more but don’t have as much time now. I saved my keys for main so I have 21 for next month plus the ones from event so hope to get something good. Also have 10x gem stored but debating on Atlantis or wait for s3. Even if I get 1 decent 5 that’s great from s3 plus maybe good 3,4s. And with ar early this month it threw everything off as I usually collect my tc20 on last day and load up during it but this was shocker.

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TC 20 not delivering

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