Tc20 5* duplicates

I think we can agree tc20 is high resource consumption. It irks me how seldom it spits out a 5*, but I accept the odds.

I’d like to see the game owner publish a table showing the odds for each s1 5*. I suspect the odds differ from card to card.

So far I’ve gotten 6 5* cards. First ever pull was Thorne. Not a great card, but ok. Then 2 Quintus and 3 Elkanen. Really? Do I really need 3 duplicates out of 6 cards?

Sure - random etc. But - really, I question if the odds for any given 5* are identical given my results. None of these cards is good enough to make it on my A team.

Yeah, sounds familiar. I have pulled 3 Kadilen and 2 Elkanen. Still haven’t got Joon or Magni. Ah well.

Over the months I have pulled some 16-17 5* from TC20. Not one Thorne and only one Elkanan. It’s all RNG.


I think that the game has a remarkable number of repeats in a lot of areas.

An emblemed BT reviving 5x or more in a row - I’ve seen it happen often.

Doubles, tripples, quad, 5, 6 of the same hero in a row. I did a 30 pull in Atlantis and got 11 Gil-Ra’s.

In all my 30 Atlantis pulls, I’ve only ever pulled non-featured HotMs 3 times. The odds are .03% divided by however many non-featured HotM there are. To get the same one twice is rare. I’ve pulled 3 Missandra this way.


Yes as have I EXCEPT it was against me and NEVER for me on the revives

@Halifax I had a fully emblemed Valen revive 7 times in a row in a 3 star tourney a while back. So a fully emblemed BT reviving 5 times in a row is not all that surprising to me. Although it is frustrating.


Good morning after getting 4 lianna and three elk 4 horgall My fields i no longer use them too many doubles

Double liana and double justice here. Sounds like rng doing its rng things.

Hey Double Lianna is pretty boss :slight_smile: Double Justice eh not so much but could be worse.

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In my first 7 months of TC20 I had 3 obakan, 2 elena, and khagan, and over the following months 2 sartana, quintus and a marjana followed. So it was not just dupes, it was all red and purple. But at least said red and purple options improved.

Notably the 2 sartanas were back to back.

The last 2 months have decided to change it up. Kadilen, Thorne and Magni. Still waiting on a yellow and closing in on a year of running.

Dupes, especially less useful ones, are annoying. But it would be weirder if there were no dupes.

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You say your TC20 gives you 5* heroes? And you even get doubles and triples of those. Mine gives Azars, ratio 6/60.

Out of 60 trainings, one Kadilen and that’s it. But I just set up second TC20. In this world there can’t be too many Azars.


They should make your 5* heroes tradeable to alliance members And you are only allowed 1 trade per month to make it fair to devs and helps players also.

And maybe make 5* hero duplicates be able to level up far more then usual. Maybe you could level up 10 levels for feeding a 5* hero so its worth it.

They’ll come in handy at Tarmon Gai’don.

My 6 Kadilen from TC20 agree.

2 x Kadilen, 2 x Elkanen, 2 x Horghall, out of a total of 10 x 5* TC20 heroes in about 130 pulls. Very good 5* ratio, desastrous individuals… Good to see I’m not the only one getting green doubles though…

For me, 22 five stars out of 458 trainings in 15 months (4.8%)

3 Justice, 3 Marjana, 3 Domitia, 2 Khagan, 2 Elkanen, 2 Sartana

That means 13 of 22 were unique (59%). Also have received no blue at all. And a few more have been undesirable to train up, leaving the total of what I would consider useful results at 9 of 22. So only 41% of what are very lucky pulls to begin with have been actually useful for me

I used to have 4 Richards, one maxed and the rest at 3-70. I turned the 3 non-maxed to food for Thorne resently. 4 Richards are a waste of food really but I didnt have any better options then. Now I have much better blue options.

I got, after two years, 2 Kadilen, 2 Azlar, 3 Ricardos, 2 Thorne, 3 Liannas, 3 Joons, 2 Domitias, almost always in a row. I just got Magni so expected. I guess now I will receive 2 more. The same happens to me with the troops. Getting the epic blue troop was an impossible mission but I have 5 or 6 epic troops of all other colors. The blue was just stuck.

Main account tc20 has given me
Quintus x2
Justice x2
Magni x2
Lianna x2
Kadilen x2

Have not seen Thorne, Elkanen, Domitia, Joon, Isarnia, Richard, Khagan, Elena, or Azlar

2nd account tc20:
Joon x2
Azlar x2

I FIRMLY believe every tc20 carries equal weight when the percentages are rolled.

Have I mentioned I really want trading? I want to swap a Joon for Lianna soooo bad, would really help both accounts! lol

The RNG might be streaky in some ways (it seems way too frequent that a group of replacement tiles are of the same color), but it stretches the imagination as to how there can be streaks across months on one account. That’s not how software code works without a lot of effort.

There are 20 TC20 5* heroes. I’m very confident that which one you get is completely random. Small sample sizes from any individual make this hard to prove.


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