Tc2 and monster chests

Spent 1000 gems last night on world energy replaying 5-8 wanting some fast leveling. Proud to say this game loves to shaft you. In the last 3 and a half hours tc2 x3 as spat out 7/7 1* troops 6/7 1* troops and 5/7 1* troops. Why do I even play this game. Let me add I fast forward monster chests 3 times a day and still havent recieved a single 3 or 4* a.m from it for over 2 months. Have they just turned everything off and made it even worse or is it just me getting really unlucky???

It’s a bit of bad luck, but those results from TC 2 are really simply a normal sort of streak. A sample size of 21 pulls is tiny - I’m assuming you meant heroes not troops.

I just looked in the shop, and you got 10 world energy refills at 100 gems each? Were you trying to level yourself up, or some heroes or both?

Sick of blowing all my gems on useless pulls so I thought I would be a bit more productive, and I was bored last night so thought let’s get some farming done. let me add out my next 1 on each all 3 was 1*

Farm different levels. Less boring and imo better loot.

After say 5 to 10 replays each level seems to be ‘empty’ for the next period.

I have about 6 levels, where I farm regularly. I change after every 3 or 4 reruns. They also have different WE costs to match my stock.

Sometimes I have bad luck on loot as well, but it seems to be a little better, since I change around.

Tbh the loot was decent. I got loads of adventure kits. But the results are ridiculous, it’s like the game knows what I have just done and only wants to give me 1* heros

If it’s purely about lvling, you could just use tc 1, the recruit cost is higher but every 30mins you have the equivalent of a 2* exp wise , 3x1* =450 exp minimum, so you could have farmed 8/7 for the recruits, picked up a few decent crafting mats, some kitbags and got you hero’s lvled

Had considered that but 5-8 gives more dust and roots and these 11-12* titans eat my mana pots haha

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