TC19 - Worth it?

Hi all,

I’m currently running 2x TC20 and 2x TC11 24/7.
If I got some Backpacks, I switch one TC11 to TC02 but I’m still stacking up more and more in my TC11 queue…

So I’m thinking about “crearing” up that queue by pressing the recruits throu a TC19 run.

But is it worth it?

If I’m correct, in comarison to TC02:

Food: 2000
Recruits: 5
Heros 1* / 2* (50/50)

So for 10 recruits I got ~561,6 average EXP

Also see here:

Food: 5500
Recruits: 2
Heros: 1*

So for 10 recruits I got ~780 average EXP

If it’s correct, the EXP ratio is better with TC19? (Yeah, TC11 is much better, but it takes years …)
The only “hard” fact is, that the food/ext ratio is ~doubled: TC02: 3,56/ EXP | TC19: 7 / EXP

And I’m just wondering, there aren’t much posts about TC19 and it’s not calculated in the guide from @Meow

Am I missing some facts?

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I use TC19 for speedy hero snacks (1* feeders), one a minute. I don’t use it for Exp. :wink:

I use tc19 whenever my food is overflowing (I have all farms at 20). I burn through recruits and food, while getting a leveling boost and can go back to another use for that tc in 2 hours. I have been running 4 tc at 20 and now I am doing 3 at 20 and 1 at 2 because I had a lot of backpacks saved up and decided to level a few more 4*s


baah… hero exp :sweat:

hmm… would be nice if we could lvl up by feeding heros… :thinking:

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Tc 19 is very nice if you need as much legendary training as you can.

I have 4 Tc20.
3 of them in legendary queue, the last in single legendary.
Everytime my forth legendary end, i pick up the hero and with the ham and recruits storing in the queue i start superfast for as much as i can.
This way i have 4 legendary, and once every 2 days i have superfast for about 120-150 heroes.

You need a lot of coordination in resources, but this way i can still do the max legendary research, and my growing is only affected for a little bit.


This sounds like a really nice tactic, thanks… need to lvl up my last TC’s to 20 ;D … one ist still on lvl 11 :frowning:

just stopped with more legendary, cause thought i won’t be ablte to lvl my heros then.
But need legendary so much _

For do that you have to always farm on high recruit zone (if there’s not some good rare quest :wink: )

So 6-8, 8-7 and 12-9.

I felt like I didn’t see anything else than 8-7 for years ;D

(expect for quests and ele chest for sure :wink: )

As mentioned, for food burn and early stage leveling of 10x1* same color there is nothing better. I’ve run 3 4* healers in a week to usable in AW with it used once or twice a week to slam through ham/recruits.

I don’t spend a ton, and I’ve probably been a little lucky, but I already feel like I don’t have a lot to gain from legendary training. I have my one tc20 doing it anyway but I have so many heroes to level, 4* and 5*. I find tc19 very useful for cranking out feeders quickly when I have the resources. With all farms at 20 recruits tends to be the limiting factor. The other two training camps are at 11.

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I have 3 TCs running 20, my 4th is running 19 when I have recruits. TC19 is how I’ve been able to level up 15+ virgin 4s and 5s to be higher than my maxed 3* for AW in two weeks. Food is the bottleneck. I use the rainbow approach, work on 5 heroes at once, 10x 1* from TC19 at a time. I’m L41, XP really isn’t very relevant at this point in the game, it’s all about quickly building up heroes now.


Thank you for the info here, just needed to know how long TC19 churn out 1* heroes, 1 minutes is good for me, it will help fast track the leveling of many 4* s in my stable, I’m lining up for TC19 in a few days.

I use level 19 training several times a day. Usually 50-60 trainings at a time. Use the fodder for leveling up my 4 stars. I have a crap ton of 5’s so don’t need the level 20. Have the other 3 camps training rare heros

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