TC13 Rate of 4* heroes?

What is the general rate of 4* heroes produced by a TC13? I have 3 running and probably have produced at least 10 heroes and they have all been 3*. I have only one 4* hero in my lineup and that was from spending gems on an elemental summon.

I’m currently trying to build my stronghold from its current level 14 to level 20 and then I’ll upgrade one of the training camps.

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Around 3-5% for a 4* from TC13 last I checked.

Definetely better get a single TC20 then 3 TC13.
Almost same chance of getting 4* adding up all 3 TC13, and a small chance to get a legendary.

Good luck.


I got four 4* in two months from my two TC13’s, but I think that was lucky. Best to move up to TC20. The rates for 5* is 5-6%, And even better for 4*. All TC’s take time though.


I landed on a hit rate of 5% over almost 100 TC trainings. That said, I was at 1 4* up until about training 80-something and then 4 popped out in the next 15-20 or so.

In my TC20 trainings i’m at 30% 4* across 27 trainings…1 5* too!


So far, so bad. Still haven’t gotten a 4* by training. I have 1 4* (kashrek) that I got on an elemental summon. I’ve leveled him up to 3/60 but don’t have enough sturdy shields to further ascend, nor do I really want to ( I’m not that thrilled with him).

My stronghold is currently level 16. I think it will take at least a couple of months to get to a tc20.

Hi. My tc13 result in a month (May) 23/1 —> 4,347% to have a 4* hero.

My pop was the 4* (11/1 —> 9%)

My rate over almost 100 training’s in TC13 was 5 total, so a touch over 5%.

Hi ! My result: 38/2 —> 5,26 % (both 4* were dark/purple !)
First came 11th
Second came 38 th

Btw I’m on my way to tc 20! They say that is way more better. Make it as fast as you can;)