TC13 about to blow

My first TC13 is about to pop. I wonder if I will be lucky…Stay tuned…


Well I was about an hour and a half early with the above post.

But the first pull of my TC13 is…


Probably lunch for Caedmon!

TC 13 has been a disappointment for my alt. I’ve gotten Hu Tao as the only 4*, though many useful 3* that flesh out my AW team.

Alt is marching hard to TC20.


I’ve gotten 3 4* since I started tc 13 more than a month ago. Hu Tao, Melendor, and Sabina. Can do without the first one but the last 2 ain’t bad. Still, odds are not great and the second I finish tc 20, I’ll stop tc 13 entirely.


In 23 TC13 trainings I have gotten 2 4* heros (Tiburtus and gormek). I needed Tiburtus and was happy to have a second Gormek.

I am having much better luck with TC20: 28 trainings total: one 5* (marjana), six 4*, and the rest, of course, 3*


Well, I will get one of mine up to TC20 one day.

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My 2nd TC13 coming in about 25 minutes…

who will it be this time…?

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The pull was…

Kiril is hungry…

I have not had a 4* ever since TC13 became a reality for my base, then again, my other 2 TCs were lower leveled and I was using them more for training snacks for my existing heroes and whoever comes out of TC13.

But thus far… Bane x 1, Gunnar x 2 (who incidentally did not improve my existing 6/8 Gunnar, I think my copy of Gunnar is broken, teacher), Graymane x 1, Breden x 1, Dawa x 1, Renfeld x 2, Prisca x 1, Ulmer x 1, Tyrum x 1, Hawkmoon x 1, Brienne x 1, Balthazar x 1, Jahangir x 1.

I am in the process getting my other 2 TCs to TC13 so they will increase my chances.

Hope your luck is better than mine, @King_Nothing.

Edit: Dude, Gunnar!!! Urge to kill rising…

Well this was #2 out of this one. Hope luck comes along. I have a TC @ 9 pumping out big macs for my guys by color. Then my other one I just started building to 14.

Got a few more in the queue on this one so we will see.

The only sure way to teach these stupid ones a lesson is to feed 4 copies of itself.


Ugh… You mean there is going to be 8 more Gunnars? With my luck on these TCs or summons, probably will happen first too.

Beginning to feel these troublemaker tendencies in Brienne and Breden too… Hawkmoon is such a teacher’s pet though.

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Noooo! Save him! You want 3* heroes for the Beginner Challenge event. Unless you already have 10-15 3*s. Then he is food.

I didn’t say it was a wise move, but it is a sure one. :wink:


TC13 #3 10 minute warning…Stay tuned.

Don’t like Dopplegangers, so once I get 8X Gunnars… and each of them have exhausted their usefulness on Alliance Wars, they are going to food for the original Gunnar…

Speaking of teacher’s pet Hawkmoon, she passed her final exam 8/8 on a single 2* cookie today.


Speaking of Gunnar

Ugh, he’s like the second one you drew in the last 2 TC13 training isn’t he? He’s like the one that just won’t go away.

By the way I got Friar Tuck too on my last one, not sure I like the way he grins. And yes, I think we are both cursed.

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Yeah he is and Friar was my first pull. haha

Better luck next time I hope. I did 2 summons yesterday. Pulled a Grimm and Jack O’hare so I am ok with that.

I haven’t had your luck with Epic/Event summons or TC13 yet. At least I have some 4*…
Good job on pulling the wabbit and Grimm.

Just waiting to see if “any” 4* would graduate out of my TC13… So far… no gouda.

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