Tc11 Storage Amount Curiosity. Just for fun

Just thought starting a thread more towards curiosity than anything else just for fun.

Seeing what is the max recruits one has currently stored in tc11

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@Zephyer1 @Garanwyn
Why is it I can’t add images or edit my post today?

Had 4004 training in queue in tc11 and 65 in tc20 at the end of Atlantis rising…
Currently at 1400 in tc11 and 3 (:rofl:) in tc20

Leveling my heroes has been fast forward, the last couple of weeks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. Need recruits!!!

I’ve seen a few people mention the button for uploading an image sometimes gets cut off. I know on iOS at least it can end up hidden below the keyboard menu, like this:

You can get it back by scrolling the editing box all the way down, or minimizing and then reopening the editing box.

Either way it should show here again:

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to edit a post, though.


I’ve taken a screenshot although useless as I can’t upload it but the issue isn’t onmy with the image as I also don’t have all the above text options for quotes etc either.

All I can do is reply and type and that’s it.

As for my recruits which will be on the image I have just over 6000 stored.

Oh and this also includes no hearts, flags etc at the bottom either

It sounds like your editing menu is collapsed, if so, you need to tap this:

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Oh it has all come back now. I closed the forum and re-entered it and all working now, first time that’s happened. Cheers

My image


Here’s my bank. It just keeps growing!


Did you mean for one camp?
Individual camp maximum = 13,654 recruits.

Or did you mean all RT11 ?
Total = 21,654 recruits.


Wow, I just want to hit those Collect buttons. I can level atleast 5x 5* with those feeders. :joy:

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Single, combined, just what yiur happy to display.

Only started this as I found out that many didn’t know it could be done so I figured by doing this it could be used as a reference in the future for beginners etc

There are some nice amounts in here I see too.

Might have to ask SG for more training camps I think, lol.

Nice work!

Hero XP

4x 5* 1.1 ( see chart ).

Click for chart



Hero Academy

Hoarding recruits for Hero Academy. Who knows how many recruits we will need.

If I get Delilah from Hero Academy, any of these leftover are all gone in less than a day.


@Gryphonknight Yeah, 4x 5* with mixed colour feeding, but with same colour feeding you would be leveling one extra 5*. :smile:


Total collectible heroes approx 5200.

Assuming uniform distribution among 5 colours, total number of same colour feeders = 1040

Assuming uniform distribution among 1* and 2* feeders, number of each = 520

Total exp for one 5* = 520x180 + 520x468 = 336960

Total exp required to take a 5* hero from 1.1 to 4.80 = 353553

Okay, so almost a full team of rainbow 5*. :slightly_smiling_face:


You know you want to skip…

Not understanding the comment or the reason for it. Please clarify ?

I guess…171k gems?


By Jove, I had not noticed that!

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