TC11 has been changed- Collect button does not display totals

I had drawn down some heroes from 11 before I got some farming in, then went to replenish the queue with recruits just harvested; something wasn’t right.

The camp will tell you how many heroes you are training, but not the number finished.

The button is there to collect heroes as is the icon over the camp, but nothing about what is available.

Screenshot if you have one? Thanks Bud. :slight_smile:

Subtract a hero from training and it should show. Don’t do it if there is only one training but it should show how many are finished and you can add it back after.

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As i have seen it…it only shows you the first time you go into TC…if you dont collect and return there isn’t a number anymore how many are done…

Had not thought about reducing training.

Will report back.

Rook, you have a tc11…go look. Have you updated?

Went to try Eleven’s suggestion, but this time the number trained/training were working.

BOJC, are you back to normal?

IIRC adding 1 also works. Subtracting or adding to any camp, fixes the “X Collect” button on all camps ( useful when you can not see how many in legendary training).

Good to know. Scary when everything seems to be gone

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This isn’t specific to this build. Has been happening as long as I can remember.

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