TC to HA - merits/demerits

At what level should a TC be so that it can be converted to a HA?
Thanks in advance!

A TC should never be converted to HA.

You can technically do it however it’s recommended highly not to do it.

The requirements are: Stronghold level 25, Iron storage capacity of 2610k and a building other than House or Storage at level 5, a free builder and 2610k iron available in your storages. You can use a Forge, Iron Mine, Farm or Training camp level 5 or higher.

Use another level 5 building to convert instead. Even converting one Iron Mine is better than sacrificing one Training camp. Sadly you cannot convert Houses to Hero Academy…

You can have your three level 5 forges be converted to Barracks, Hero Academy and Alchemy Lab. Alternating the Barracks with a Hunter’s lodge whenever needed. You will need a free builder and a total of 20 seconds to do it.


The free builder is the challenge with switching back & fro.

The way I see it, converting a TC to HA is the most logical, since with HA you can run 2-3 levels concurrently.
Also, since I am interested in HA1 & HA3 at this point in time, this effectively gives me 5-6 TCs.
Plus, it gives me 9 farms, which means more Haan to level troops etc.

However, as mentioned, that is my perspective.

Switching back & from can be done once all the buildings in your base is completely leveled up

I’d back up @Saros and suggest turning your forges to HA and AL!

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For my barracks and advanced buildings I sacrificed two forges (2 are more than enough) and 2 iron mines (late game; my two remaining mines are always sitting at yellow/max).

Not quite. Titan parts are assembled very slowly. You could use a window of several days while an upgrade is running, convert an Iron Mine to Hunter’s lodge, producing all the Lodge items you can with the parts you assembled, then switch back when the next upgrade is finished and forget about Lodge for a couple months.

Only two levels. And you will be surprised how that is still not enough to level up your heroes and troops as fast as you want. All TCs are required for the task, running TC 11 if nothing else.

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Once you have the free builder the best long term strategy is to convert 3 forges to AL, HA and HL

Leave the last forge as is and then leave the barracks off screen except when you actually use it. Since you can load up the other things with cooking but the barracks is only use and then done with no time, you can leave it off the base until you actually need it.

Unless you don’t have heros to level you need all four TC running at all times. On my alts where I’m usually overflowing on food I do use a Farm for the HA, but never ever a TC, you’re only hurting your own progress to do that.

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Yes, once the base is fully levelled & the builder is free, I will go to switching back & fro, but till then no.
My base is -
SH - 25
WT - 18
Adv Mines - 1 @ 10 & 1 @ 3
Mines - 2 @ 20
Adv Farm - 2 @ 10 & 1 @ 1
Farms - 6 @ 20
Adv Iron Storage - 2 @ 10 & 1 @ 8
Iron Storage - 2 @ 20
Adv Food Storage - 1 @ 10, 1 @ 5 & 1 @ 2
Adv House @ 10
Houses - 3 @ 16
TCs - 2 @ 20 & 1 @ 11
HA @ 2
AL @ 1
Barracks @ 10
HL @ 5
Forge - 1 @ 20

At this stage, I’m happy with 1 TC being converted to HA

Renamed the thread as I have converted 1 TC11 to HA (being leveled to level 2).

HA1 does have it’s uses, however, HA3 burns rope like there is no tomorrow (3 ropes for a 2 star is just nuts).


True but I have about 4500 strong ropes & reserving 900 for ascensions, I will be good for 1200 heroes from HA3 for starters.

After that, 3 TC11s give me 36 feeders daily + whatever (10-20) from HA1/3 = 46 to 56 feeders daily.

I think that’s good for starters! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t3:

Been playing for 1 year 1 month now (started in November 2021) due to lockdown & work from home.
Am @ level 67 (90% into 68)
Am happy!

I just know that for me the TC is the last thing I’d ever convert. I am nowhere near leveling all my heros and I’m nearly 2 years in - and that’s with having THREE TC2 running full time via using about 80 flasks each Atlantis to get backpacks.

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Good for us, mate!
Guess it depends where each one is in the game. I am
happy with where I am at.
I plan to use backpacks & other 2 star ascension items for alkashards in AL so that I can trade them in for emblems


I fixed it for you

Play style

All together, it depends on your roster, and play style

I can always run another Extra low cost recruit training ( RT11 ),

I often run another Legendary recruit training ( RT20, looking at you Soul Exchange ),

sometimes I need 1* heroes for partially leveling base heroes/ costumes ( Common RT01 / Extra fast RT19’),

I often run 2x to 3x Uncommon recruit training ( RT02 ) in

addition to my continuous Extra low cost recruit training ( RT11 ) in Camp A to hoard recruits, and Legendary recruit training / Guaranteed rare recruit training ( RT20 / RT12 ) in Camp B to hoard food

So I like 4x camps in addition to Academy

Advanced Buildings

(Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy conversions - #37 by Gryphonknight)

See also

Click for notes


Yup, play style matters too. My choice suits mine. Since leveling troops, heroes, creating mana potions etc. are important to me, I like to have 9 farms.
To each his own, I guess.
Like Brando said in the Godfather, each one has his own way to reach hell & no-one should be stored :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention the most important reason for converting TC to HA.
Ham & Iron are the primary resources needed in the game for everything else.
All the others are secondary. Hence, the logic of converting a TC to HA (which is basically another form of TC with more options like running 2 trainings at a time) appeals.
Anyway, to each his own.
All the best to everyone & wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New year!