TC Strategies to efficiently level heroes

You know you can move the queue from one TC to another, right? If you have 6 days in three TC20s, and you want to run TC19, pick the one which is closest to putting out a hero, and remove one (or two if you have the houses to do it) from its queue, and then add that one to one of your others. Repeat until it only has the one it is currently half-way done with. It will be free as soon as that one finishes.

You can also move recruits from TC20 to TC11, pulling food out of the queue… or from TC11 to TC20, storing food away in the queue.

For this reason, I expect to have one TC20 and one TC11 both loaded up for as long as I play the game. My other two TCs usually have shorter queues and I use them in different modes.

The best sure-fire way to use 6 extra Gunnars: Train one Gunnar with 3x Gunnar (75%) + 6x 2* blue (24%) + 1x 1* blue (2%) = 101% chance of special increase = guaranteed increase each time you do it… Or just feed them one at a time and hope for the best.


Do you know I’ve been playing the game for over 280 days and I have 4 teams over 3200 power AND I didn’t know about the + sign for training multiple heroes? I could never figure out what you players were talking about. I just did my training one at a time and checked them frequently…

One of our players asked a question about it and that’s when I found out. Needless to say they were flabbergasted that I didn’t know this.

Now I’m complaining like everyone else that I don’t have enough food. I do however have 795 backpacks :rofl:


I hate to laugh at you, but I’m laughing at you. At least you figured about the “-” button at the same time as the “+” button…some people don’t realize you can take them out!

If it makes you feel better, I have an alliance member who didn’t realize that you could pick targets for firing special skills…that revelation really changed raiding!!!

And you can now run TC2 for 16 days on that if you have the recruits and food to do it!

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I’m even more embarrassed to admit that I had only learned of targeting during raids just weeks before the + button. I thought I’d discovered something wonderful and when I told everyone they laughed. All except one player who just took pity on me. My ONLY saving grace is that I’ve done so incredibly well without both of these techniques… there is no stopping me now :laughing:


If you follow my original post for leveling, you will be able to level heros and have resources. To both battle and level heros in a decent time frame. I have been playing a year, I have every regular game 5* and 4* hero except Dominica. All hotm since I started except albrich. And some event heros. I have 22 fully ascended and another 19 ascended as far as I can waiting on material.

I’m kinda curious about that. I farm pretty actively, but I do a mix of 3-flag farming to fill monster chests and 12-9 (or those quests I consider worth the WE) when I’m not filling a chest, 'cuz I get better XP and somewhat better crafting ingredients/etc. while getting respectable recruits (16% less than the 3-flag levels)

I have a nice recruit surplus, but don’t get enough swords and backpacks continuously–I find myself switching it over to TC11 some of the time.

Right now, I’m still using up my rugged clothes stockpile in batches of a few hundred feeders when I build up a nice food surplus. Once I burn through that I’ll be in more of a steady state situation where I have to farm my rugged clothes before I can use them, and I may go to farming the 3-flag zone permanently, probably 7-7 for clothes, or 6-8 for crude iron.

(I wrote more about the question on where to farm/how to run TCs here; I’d invite any comments on my choices there, especially what it takes to keep a TC running swords/backpacks full time.)

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Barry do you have the line app

Yes. Line ID barrywuzhere, and I think I found you there.

If you dont use TC13 you will never get any 4-star heroes until you manage to max your stronghold. Having only 3 star heroes really holds back your chance of winning raids and wars, and keeps your titan score low. If you have TC13 or already have drawn a team of 4*s, then yes dont use TC13.

Personally, once I gained a surplus of 4*/5* heroes that need to be leveled, I shut down all my TC20’s (I currently have about 20 untouched heroes). I am currently running 3x TC11 full time, and the fourth I go back and forth between using TC1/TC2/and TC19 when I get a big surplus of ham.

I will gladly spend two million food to change a 3* Gan Ju into a 4* Chao at this stage of the game. Food production rate is better than feeder hero production rate.

I have unlocked the fourth TC. Currently leveling Up to 11.

Is there any strategy to level up heroes effiecently?
I have many epics , even some worth rare like melia and mneseo to being leveled.
So i Will delay TC 20 training because other than wu Kong i dont need vanilla héroes right now . Besides i wont level 5 stars until not finish with my backbone of epics

So i was planning to run 3×tc11 everyday
Plus one betweem TC 1, 2 and 19
What do u think guys?

@Suicide_Bunny @princess1 @benn @Scarecrow
@Dudeious.Maximus @jinbatsu @Guvnor

Thanks in advance


What works well for me is 2 camps at 11 constantly since forever, one I keep endlessly on 2 with the backpacks I farm during Atlantis Rises and then through the month, and the last one on whatevers left… which is either swords when I have them on lv 1 (usually a lot of those after Atlantis) or lv 19 (if I have surplus of food) or just 11 when I have neither food nor swords (or to queue for overnight). This time I had so many WE flasks that I was actually able to queue up the 4th TC with backpacks for 10+ days (and keep farming) so now I am running 2 lv 11 and 2 lv 2.


Do you have a TC20? I you don’t I still would level at least 1 to that level just so it’s out the way and it’s there ready if you choose to use it.
But yeah that’s a good idea I’d definitely keep 2 running non stop and maybe 2 flex for a bit then change it to a tc11 once stock is running low and then have one flex!

Yeah hehe well virtually . I reach SH 20, i updated minimin buildings requiered by investigate TC 20.
Im on my way on one TC Up to 20 now . So in working with 3 training Camps at the moment

Ill farm S2 9:X when Atlantis is rising toe max the number of swords and backpacks. I can then use the 200-300 to feed a particular color(24/day). This farming can accumulate 30 days of recuits for at least 2 TC’s at 11(12/day ea). that leaves the fourth TC. That farming can also build up 15-20Dated for TC 11. Then yogurt to build ham for leveling

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Trust me the wait will be worth it in the long run. You don’t have to do any research on 14-18 as your never probably going to use them.
You be fine with two Tc11 running non stop and a flex that’s I basically what i use now as my other is a tc20 which I open once a month. Can easy level a 4* in 3-4 weeks depending on how much backpacks swords recruits mats etc …you can get

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You think It Will be a difference if i use instead of TC 20 its spot to run another TC 11 ? I mean 3 tc 11 and one tc2.
I would not be able to level what tc20 pops up until i finish the qeueded heroes.

Sounds good. I wouldn’t waste food on TC19. No rush. Especially because you don’t have the tower at lvl20. Which is a great source for the resources. Don’t forget to empty it every time you go offline. You won’t lose a single unit, no matter how many attacked you until you come back online. But I guess anyone knows that, since it is an elementary thing of this game.


Unfortunately around v24 they changed things so that if someone was in the middle of attacking you when you came online, they’ll get watchtower loot on a win usually. I get attacked a lot so it happens a lot!
Good luck @TheWizard with your TC20. In 257 draws I got 17 5* including 4 of the 5 snipers. And all the 4* except Kiril and Wu (and I got Kiril as my 2nd 4* from summoning.)

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