TC empty all but 1 left after adding new training

Today I added 1 extra reqruit in TC that had a backlog (because of the banking system).
After adding just 2 reqruits (1 training) I noticed my timer has changed to 3 hours and a few minutes… So just 2 trainings left…
I did not use any gems by accident because still have the same amount of gems to be used available.

Anybody else has experienced this before?
Restarting game and phone did not solve this…

@Konijntje Just opened a ticket.
Thnx for the input!

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I had something weird happening to a tc once, I think I lost about 50-60 recruits and some food, while shuffling my recruits around. I sent in a ticket, but I didn’t know the exact time it happened and I wasn’t entirely sure (but almost) anything happened. With the information I gave, they couldn’t find a bug, and I left it at that (wasn’t a big loss and I wasn’t 100 % sure). If you do remember the exact time, do open a support ticket, so they can look into it, so they can solve it if there is a bug.


It would help if you could get some more info. Which tc are you using. Time before and after training. Queue you had in this camp before and after etc

It was in TC 13.
Que time was around the same time as the countdown on my TC upgrade (for another TC).
Both needed 1 day and +/- 7 hours till finished (they where around half an hour apart from eachother).
I added 1 extra training and then the countdown was only 3 hours (and some minutes) left. Total only 2 trainings left.

This sounds wierd. Did you take a closer look and it didn‘t maybe change from 1 day 7 hours to 3 days and 7 hours? TC13 has 2 days waittime so you can‘t have 2 traings running with a waittime of 3 hours

Where I mention TC 13, I off course mean 11 (extra low costs)
Sorry for confusing things…


@Rook, yes that is the one!

You mean this one:

So you went from 1 day 7 hrs (ish), added two trainings (should have been 1 day 11 hours), and instead it dropped to 3 hrs x mins (2 trainings).

You lost the previous day and 7 hours worth of training.

Have you contacted Game Support?

Above is correct.
And yes already made a ticket because I am 100% sure I could not have done the gems sollution because they are still in my account.
Now just wait and see what support can do. And how to prevent this from happening again.

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Anyone has any idea how much time in normally takes before you get any reply on an open ticket?

Couple business days.

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Support just got back and told me thuis happend due to connecitivity problems.
Well I was at home 2 meters away from router and never ever met any issues with connection at all.
Also not logical when you add training and connection is bad you are loosing training storend in TC.
So to me this is a reply because they have to without even looking into the issue at all.

Sorry to see that this is what they think of provinding ‘support’.

I experienced the same with support. You just get a template message that doesnt really concern your issue. Guess just forget about it and hope it won’t happen again

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