TC drop rate


Does this apply to the TC 20 as well?



Certainly, the HotM chance does not apply. :stuck_out_tongue:

The drop rates for TC 20 have not been published, but there’s a thread on the forum where players are estimating it: Training Camp lvl 20 - Results


Oh yeah, your right the HotM does not apply :slight_smile:

Anyhow, in order to get more transparency to the game, and this is what the players are asking for, it would be nice not to get just a estimation.
Facts from SG would be much appreciated.


SGG was probably pushed into revealing the odds for portals by Apple and Google, which require by TOS that odds for lootboxes be published. SGG was kinda sorta skirting that before because you didn’t buy summos with cash, but with gems that, mostly you bought with cash.

TC20 is clearly a non-cash event, so I don’t expect to see the odds from SGG.

The summary of the thread quoted above is simple:
5*: 1 in 16
4*: 3 in 16
3*: 12 in 16 (= ¾)


For greater transparency, could you post the tc13 guesstimated odds as well, please.

Having the odds for all in one place would help many players with building and buying decisions.


I’d ovento, but I’m not aware that the community has collected enough data to guess those odds.

Based on my personal experience the odds of a 4* from TC13 are approximately garbage.


I remember seeing posts throwing out a 5% figure for both tc13 4s and tc20 5s. Quite likely anecdotal.


Well, my tc is running since a year, and i can not agree with this figures.

Lets see if they reveal it :slight_smile: