TC 30 in season 2?

Could you expand the tc’s to like TC30?

Where TC30 might give chance on all heroes from 3* till 5* where every month a new one year old HOTM is added?

This TC30 must be reachable for all players, including f2p.

I’d really like to have a chance on Alberich. Maybe you should add some 3* heroes to get a chance :smiley:

Expanding the training camp to level 30 seems cool but a way better idea would be to change the existing training camp levels. There are some that are mostly useless (14-18 for example).

If the old HOTM will ever be avaialble again, I’m most certain it would be through summons gate. There are a lot of requests to somehow get the old hotm heroes so maybe Small Giant would take those suggestions and make them available somehow.

SG has said that the old hotm will be available after season 2 comes out. Gotta wait till then to know in what way.

To me elemental training should enhance your TC production and not to be a separate (and worse) training.

This is what I were thinking: you select the empowerment wich is always available, even when training, and the TC start brimming with the selected color for 1 day, giving you that effects:

  • TC 5/6/7/8/9 - your TC gives you heroes of that element up to 3*
    • duration: 1 day
    • cost: 10000 food & 20000 iron
  • TC 14/15/16/17/18 - your TC gives you heroes of that element up to 5*
    • duration: 1 day
    • cost: 20000 food & 40000 iron

lol TC is good but what about Troop TCs? Troop leveling is already slow enough and the only ones who got max troops took advantage of a glitch or just pays ALOT!!! Troop TC next please.


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