TC 20 Training- 11 out of 11 heroes 3*. Terrible

Hi Small Giants, I’m wondering why I have gotten 11 out of 11 3s hero’s TC 20 Legendary training? Terrible Odds

Not SG (FYI - This forum is run by players like yourself :slightly_smiling_face: ), but this sounds normal.

The odds of getting a 5* from tc20 is low, but does happen. Some do get quicker results than you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get one. Keep 1 or 2 tc20s running constantly and one should grace your doorstep soon :crossed_fingers:

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A lot of people have gathered significant data on tc20 and it is reasonable to say that your chances of a 3* from tc20 are close to 75%. So you have had a streak of bad luck, but I would expect your luck to change soon.
Patience will be rewarded… eventually :grinning:

It happens… I keep track of all my TC20 pulls, and my longest streak of 3* was 14. Now, I’ve only done 62 pulls, but 50/62 were 3*, a little over 80%.

It happens to me with 21 heroes all of them of 3*… it is just luck. Keep trying and Good Luck

@HappyPixie @Sunshine23 that are my TC20 summons from 2019. Just keep training, it’s free.

Total summons 45
3 :star: [64,44%] Green (7) Blue (6) Red (6) Yellow (6) Purple (4)
4 :star: [33,33%] Green (3) Blue (3) Red (2) Yellow (4) Purple (3)
5 :star: [2,22%] Green (1)

Thanks I got 10 heroes of 5* on TC 20, but in almost 6 o more months… of course, I always keep training there. But sometimes I got then then frequently, but right now, I got only 3* since last January… :smile:

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