TC 20...the same heros

All my 4 TC …working on lvl 20 Non-Stop…but in the last days ,i see only 3* Kailani…its a joke…?..4 -5 consecutive Kailani…!!!


I hate it when that happens, I’m on a crappy streak right now. It’ll balance… Eventually.

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That should make maxing out your Kailani pretty easy.


Lmao… Yup. Need at least 1 kailani…

Friar Tuck is my favorite at the moment …lol

The last few heroes I’ve gotten are Tiburtus, Li Xiu, lianna, Hawkmoon, Gunnar. I’ve gotten those heroes more often than any of the others and it’s annoying… 3x Lianna isn’t as glamorous as it sounds without the mats to ascend her.


Please send your luck my way.

Olaf needs an upgrade.

Bad. :confused:


I just started my first TC20 and awaiting my first result tomorrow. I’m excited! But if it’s Friar Tuck, I want to turn my TC20 into a low level forge and make crappy potions.

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Kiril twice in a row, last atlantis summon…Kiril! (Twice in a row :joy:)

Alas, with the random nature of summons we have to take the times of drought with the times of bounty. It does average out over time eventually, and the stats for the TC 20 aren’t bad. The community has narrowed it down to a drop rate of 5% chance of 5*, 20% chance of 4*, 75% chance of 3*. Hopefully you have a hungry yellow hero that will benefit from this!


I got three balthazars from atlantis portal in a row. RNG ); heh its a joke.

Be it 7 Kailani or 7 other different rare is not so important.

But getting 4 consecutive Richards is the most common reason to change your phone.

TC20 is a limited pool, and the 3s are by far the most common. It’s annoying, but not entirely surprising.
I am much more concerned about being on the bum end of the curve for TC20 drops.

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