Tc 20 problem,possible bug

Ä° have 4 tc lvl 20.
Yesterday one of my tc lvl 20 camp training lots of tc20 for leg heroes,ex: over 150, but now that tc lvl 20 only training 1 five star herođŸ˜® was it mine or am i missing something? My tc20’s trainings just gone…vanished…

Could you have moved it by mistake? :thinking:
I mean, changed places with another one so all queued heroes are in other TC.

no; i didnt :worried: i dont understand what happened my TC20’s over 150 leg hero trains…just gone…vanished… :frowning_face:

Are you saying you had 150 TC20 training finished (300 days) and waiting to be collected and they disappeared? Or are you saying you had 150 trainings queued up in TC20 and they disappeared?

Yes that what i could try to say; ty so much :+1:
they vanished somehow… :frowning_face: it has about 150 days now it is 1 day 12 hours…and it says only 1 tarining currently :man_facepalming:t2:

This is going to be a silly question, but did you by chance just empty your TC20, thus putting all the trained heroes in your roster now?

Also, could please provide a screen shot of your base and 4 training camps?

When you move recruits from a place to another and you dont have the space to store them because the capacity is full (food/iron or recruits)they simply Vanish from the tc. That could be a reason of why the queued vanished

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