TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

Pulled a dupes of Lianna and Vivica from TC20 within the last 3 weeks.
I badly need Joon and Elena. Her costume’s 155% riposte is just insane!

Congrats on your win.

Actually there is nothing to say that what your doing is either right or wrong and if this what works for you then just keep doing it but never forget it’s all just pure luck.

I offen wondered if a Tc hero was instantly chosen as it completed it’s training and all you did was collect it Or if the hero was summoned at the time you collected it.

If it is the first then it’s really the Tc that does all the work and yes they would then be no different to an individual summons pull BUT if it was the latter and they summoned only at the time you collected it then it would be as if you did a 10 pull summons.

Honestly I don’t think anyone here really knows for 100% with full certainty the answer that question as to weather the tc’s summon individually at the end of each training or if it’s summoned when you press the collect button. But if they do then maybe they can share the link that states or shows exactly how there chosen.

So for all we know you may have stumbled upon a useful TIP that may just be worth looking into, But either way you obviously have been lucky so far and good on you, we all need that good run now and then.

I stopped using tc20 over a year ago because I wasn’t lucky with it but my misses has been pretty lucky.

Suggestion! Keep it up and record all your tc20 pulls as you did above doing only 10 pulls as you mentioned and keep it honest, take screenshots of each one and when you 10 x 10 summons pulls screenshoted in a row then post them here.

Good Luck

A while back @Kerridoc confirmed that it is at the time of pull by pulling the same TC20 in beta and in real game with different results (Joon in beta and Renfeld in real game as I recall).

The camp was ready to pull when copied over to beta.

That’s a start. So this would mean that waiting to have 10 to collect in tc20 would equal a 10x summons pull thus as stated by many providing a better chance at something decent, hmmmm food for thought there don’t you think?

Is it the better chance or the cheaper cost for a 10-pull they advocate? I’ve seen it argued both ways here as far as chances. I don’t personally think it matters, but I could be wrong.

Of cause it doesn’t change the chance/luck factor by any means,so No not a better chance, that’s a given not to be argued upon as it doesn’t matter where, when or how you do pulls it’s all about luck.

But as you say

Yes! it would be a cheaper way of doing 10 pulls.

Then it would most certainly would be and thus our friend @Edith above here may have stumbled upon what might be a not so bad thing and given others that food for thought for future tc20 pulls.

I think it would take a few dozen different players to try it and post their results as she did to know for sure but it most certainly can’t be shrugged of as it being nothing more than a conspiracy or futile imagination of one player.

Everyone has equal rights to their thoughts or (at least) should have until PROVEN WRONG.

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I meant in the summons portals one 10-pull costs less gems than 10 1-pulls do. That would be why 10-pulls are more popular.

But the pulls themselves seem to be just 10 independent pulls. If you luck out and get the HOTM, if you check your recent activity it even shows which of the ten pulls gave you the HOTM.

Yes 100% they are, but not forgetting that (putting cost aside) they do say that a 10 pull offers a better chance and that your chances increase with every 10 pull attempt at getting something decent.

You and I both now that all this means is your giving yourself nothing more than 10 INDIVIDUAL spins bundled into 1 package but for many others this can easily be misconstrued as meaning a 10 pull gives you an actual better chance at something better thus in this game they usually think it means a 5* hero.

I still it worth looking into for those that still use tc20, personally I don’t as I have already have more 5* s than I know what to do with and probably also every 5* that would be in tc20 bar maybe 1 or 2.

I use TC20 mainly as a ham store nowadays. I am only missing Magni and Leonidas.

I can let it sit and pull 10x shots.

Wait, what? To my knowledge, no one has ever seriously suggested that a 10 pull has any better chance of success that 10 single pulls. Maybe I just missed that discussion.

That’s good advice.

Your right, that word maybe should of been changed to MORE chances at something better.

But you know what I meant, lol.

I have a question, I’m not yet at sh20 (currently 16 working to 17) but with tc13 what are the odds of getting a 4* …I haven’t tried it yet as I’m still feeding 16 4s and now 2 5s plus backup 3s . anyone have the % chance of getting Elite hero’s at tc13 roughly?

Nothing more than pure luck.

Good luck.


I thinkyou have a great idea!:+1:. That’s how I started doing 10 pulls on TC 20 in the first place.
I saw a post here on the Forum last year that another player had made about him and his alliance getting one 5* per 10 that they trained and waited to collect until after all ten had finished training. I also saw videos on YouTube as evidence.
I can’t do them that often though as they do require a lot of troops and meat. I’d be interested to see what the stats are though :wink:

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Good question. I never really used TC13 much so I have no feel for it.

Elsewhere it’s reported about 5% for a 4* in TC13 so, about same odds as a 5* in TC20.


Really eh…lol you’d think with rare then “guarantee rare” the 13 would have better odds lol thx though

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In this game that’s as close as they get to “guaranteed” :rofl:


Right :laughing: ughh RNG

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Grrrrr! Please don’t use that word it always starts up UNWANTED discussions in a post, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank god for the ÉDIT option, lol

I’m not sure I really do. I feel like I may be missing something.

Has someone suggested that a 10 pull has more chances at something than ten single pulls? What?

Maybe even more broadly: has someone suggested that a 10 pull is in any way different from ten single pulls?

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