TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

I have no problem with that. :+1:t3:

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I pulled 5 from tc20 today and 1 was Richard… they come but it is slow and obviously random. I still haven’t got joon and I have had at least 1 tc20 going for over 2 years

TC 20 running for two months, mainly threes, a few duplicate fours and zero fives so far, just leveled a second one so will see if it produces anything faster.

The comment above was a joke. I would strongly discourage anyone from taking it seriously and starting with a new account because they worry that their current one has been “programmed to fail”.


lol too true, I didn’t think anyone would take it seriously. :slight_smile:

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@Mothra - it worked!

Summon 201 - Lianna! :slight_smile:

*I understand it’s Not a statistically relevant event, but after 200 summons, I was willing to try anything lol



Wow!! Congrats! That’s awesome!

Just make sure to padlock her! Don’t be like @JonahTheBard! :wink:

TC20 running constantly since August - yes last August - and Zero five stars. This is total bull5**T. All that food and recruits for constant friggin Banes and Tucks. Serious crap algorithms that are running may as well quit as can’t progress and game is just getting tedious now

LOL. AGREED, As the owner of 3 acc’s I can tell you that you not see any difference and the grind is no different from to the next so anyone who thinks their acc is rigged or designed to fail for what ever reason and that by creating a new obe they will be better off is greatly mistaken and misled bigtime.

All a multiple acc does is create extra work, waste more time and encourage you to spend more than you need to and trust me it does become extremely time consuming.

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I’m afraid my wife and son would miss me if I tried playing on more than one account. That’s just me, though.

When I use TC 20 I stack it up with 10 training and don’t collect until all 10 have finished training. This maxes out the chance for a 5* hero. I’ve done this 3 times and each time I received 1 5* out of the 10. I haven’t used tc 20 since last year but late tonight I will collect 10 that finishing up training. I’ll let you know if I get 10 Dawas😉

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Well it’s no comfort to find there is someone having a harder time :worried: I wish us both better luck.

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Small. Sample. Size.

There is no reason not to do this. There is also no reason to do this.

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I’ve gotten all of one in … six? months? Granted I have not run it continuously in the last six months, maybe more like 4.5 months of training time. But yes, one. Thorne. Almost have him fully leveled.

I still don’t have Wu Kong either.

Hey, @maldos04.

Can you keep a track of # of 5* heroes you pull from the time you moved the Training Camp to the end of Springvale? I have a feeling that Lianna won’t be your last 5* TC20 draw before then.

First week 2 legends (Domi/Ele) and 3 epics (Colen/Skittles/Boril), but only rares for 2 month now.

Since it’s just my ham bank, I don’t care much for the output, but would appreciate Justy, Kad and Mag, who eluded me till now.

A function to get rid of recruits was nice, but dumping them into cheap trainings also do.

B2T: It outputs every 2nd day. :wink:

As promised these are my results and I’m very happy with my first Richard :hugs:. I always get a 5* when train 10. No more, no less.



Always. That sounds pretty compelling. Maybe I should switch to this method.

Okay, everyone go back to what you were doing. Nothing to see here except a textbook example of confirmation bias.

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Spiritual things don’t have to be proven. No science in fiction. :wink:

I have three tc20s non-stop. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any 5* for two full months and counting. My last 5* was Elkanen on Dec 4th. It is pathetic.

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