TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

When I went to run the third I realized I never maxed a third TC to 20 :joy::flushed: So I have been upgrading it ever since. In the meantime I’ve received 3 more 5* from the two I am running full time. Had a depressing two month dry spell from 8/30 to 10/24 and now two within the past 4 days. It really does go in crazy waves!

Can’t wait to track things with the third TC20 in play. Going to be another week of building though :woman_facepalming:t2:

Moral of the long story is keep the faith everyone out there!

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Lol absolutely keep the faith! Glad it’s getting better for you, funny with the 3rd TC20 :grinning:

I got another one today from 3xTC20 running, 10 days since my last result :+1:


Mine was Sartana today too! Twinning :joy:


Lol brilliant, must be an effect from the Super Elemental Portal :wink:

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I need my training camps… so doing a pull of 40 or so… I’ll let you know the results.

41 pulls
3 5*
9 4*
29 3*

I am now only 1.5 heroes by the 5% pace lifetime for the tc20s

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4 days later


Nice one bruvva!

Sorry Smaug, didn’t mean to reply to you, just updating my tracking.

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No need to be sorry! Always happy to share in your good news my friend :tada:

Also my Friar Tuck that I pulled today says hello :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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And so it begins. 3 TC20 fully operational as of this morning. 100% inspired by you, Christmas Ghost :christmas_tree::ghost:

To harken back to the thread title, let’s see if it delivers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am running 3 TC20s too buy haven’t openned any of them since last SE. 34 heroes on each TC20’s queue. Saves a lot of potential roster space that way. Looking forward to open them and check my luck.


Wow! Talk about amazing patience and self-control. Two things I’ve never been accused of having in this game :joy: In real life, yes. :slightly_smiling_face: I think your approach is very commendable and I hope you have a huge windfall! Keep me posted.


May the Ghost of Christmas Future forever be in your favour!

Hohoho wishing you glad tidings :grinning: :gift:


How the hell do you level up heroes if your TCs are all backed up for months on end?

Slowly but i still have 1 TC available stacked with a lot feeders (TC2). And i farm s lot on the map.

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I needed to pull 7 times from TC20 in order to achieve the PoG challenge “Summon or train 1 Epic Hero”.

2x Dawa
2x Bane

Then, finally, the required 4* with Wu Kong

The only time pulling Wu Kong is ever a positive :rofl:

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7 days since beginning TC20 x3 and we have our first 5*! 16 days since the last one. Though it didn’t come from the new TC20 soooo I’m not sure it counts yet :wink: I kid, I kid. As I have gone 3 months without one before…16 days is a dream. The real fun will begin tracking from here on out methinks :slightly_smiling_face:

2 days later another 5* :exploding_head: I might just be a believer @Ghost ! Roster space becoming an issue though. Didn’t get any 5* in the Black Friday portal but I did get new 3* and 4* and now I’m running low on space. Don’t think I have the patience to keep heroes in the TCs though :wink:


Lol exactly the same issue as me, no patience and no space, really glad it’s working for you :grinning:

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