TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

Yeah, good idea. Some kind of ‘Hero Trade’, or ‘Spirit Swap’.

Make a new post with a poll. You could start a movement.

Excellent work.

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I’ll get straight onto it!

The only “idea” they can easily come up with is stocking 5*s on HA10 with possibly a limit like 10/15/20 max on the queue. But they won’t do it because they earn money from people buying expensive roster spase so :man_shrugging:

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Nah ah ah, I don’t buy it.

I spend my money on Bon Bon sweets instead

Two days later and I’m really running out of space

Don’t collect them now. Wait until SE is up. You won’t take space from TC 5*s at least.

I’ve got my 20, now keeping them and saving for next SE around March time

It’s a really good point but I like to collect to see what it’s delivering

Yeah, found it hard too for myself to hold but it saves some roster space.

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The only good thing is that it’s forcing me to feed some old 3* and 4* that I’ve had for donkeys years; which are never used and have just got to go.

Ohhhh…first world problems!
Poooooor Ghost! :rofl:

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Thank you very much, the struggle is real :disappointed:

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More than six months running 2 TC 20 and just got ONE 5* from one of them, and I barely got a 4*: like 4 or 5 in the same period of time. This game is getting worse.

It’s so hard to be in a slump! I also run two TC20 full time. I have gone months without one before. Then suddenly in August I got 3 in the same two week period. It can be maddening, but I hope the pendulum will swing the other way for you very soon. :crossed_fingers:

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I want you to feel better so please read up and look at my results.


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The way I immediately noticed you changed your avatar and at first thought there was an imposter. I was ready to fight the imposter :ghost: and everything :joy: I like it!

Because of your results I think I may run 3 TC20 for a bit. And of course blame you if it doesn’t go well :wink:

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Lol thanks for liking it and being ready to fight the good fight :muscle: I’m feeling the Halloween Spirit so thought a change would be good.

Definitely your luck will change with the three TC20 I’m praying for it haha

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Well thank you but I’m pretty sure ghosts are naturally immune to dragon fire so you’d be OK :wink:

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4 days later and I now have a pride of lions!

Please SG stop giving me 5*s, it’s getting ridiculous

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Ive just ran a TC20 for about 6 weeks. Just the one.

It gave me nothing so I am abandoning it and will probably never run it again. Waste of time :man_shrugging::sweat_smile:

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I pulled 9 today to get the train a 4* task from pog. 1 5*, 1 4*, and the rest are 3… So that is me at 2.5 5* heroes below pace.