TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

I’ve been saving up 2x TC20’s since March’s SoEx and emptied them for Liu Bei exchange fodder.
183 pulls got me:
11 5* (6%)
28 4* (15%)
144 3* (79%)

Here’s my lifetime TC20 stats going back to Jan 2019.
RNG gonna RNG… 782 pulls and never a Boldtusk. How do you like those odds?!?



Isshtak is the new Dawa :rofl:

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For me, it’s Graymane. I feel like I get that joker about every third TC20 pull.

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Poppy became my Dawa. If she’s in a portal, im pulling her.

I have had 241 TC20.

11 Legendaries 4.56%
40 Epic 16.6%
190 Rares 78.84%

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I wanted to post my lifetime tc20s… Give me a minute to chippy and paste.

2023 % 71.9% 23.8% 4.3%
2023 Totals 369 122 22
Total History 1206 356 80
Total % 73.4% 21.7% 4.9%

5 days since last one, more soul


Had a long break from running TC20, 29 days later it’s good to see some Justice in this game.

It was tucked right in there.

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Balance… you got a Friar Tuck i see.

Bet that was exciting. Cant believe he didnt get his own post.

Reverse his initials… spells out something a Friar never does.

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Lol living a life of dedication to his faith, I know what I’d rather choose.

Haha good eye on spotting my balance :wink:

Im dedicated to my faith in my vices. Isnt that the same?

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Not sure how to interpret this :rofl:


Just a storage for recruits and food. Cant remember the last 5* it spit out, nothing worth remembering :smile:

Tc20 is great for newer players and f2p to get resources for rosters and SE.

Still worth doing, I do it because I love the old skool

Day later it’s a :dart:


I was gonna write a reply and then figured its better to be mysterious :smiling_imp:

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Oh, I’ve got an idea of what it could be…several of them. :laughing:

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Everybody loves a Triar

10 days since last one and more justice from the game.

I wish this game would stop giving me legendary heroes as I’m running out of roster space.

If only there was a way to trade these in for a better type of hero and create space