TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

I started my first TC20 in August 2020 and it runs without break till now. In between I run a second one for approximately six months. Thats 22 months of TC20 or 330 trainings.
I got 22 5* from TC20, today a dupe Domitia. Thats a success rate of 6,7% . I shut the second TC20 down after I got all the S1 5 stars I am interested in. Only missing Khagan, Isarnia and Quintus. The actual trainings are for Soul Exchange.
I saw months with 3 5*, and lucky me had this at the beginning. And I had a drought without a 5* in four months. But in the end its near the average of 7% some forum veterans reported.
Keep on training, the 5 stars will be comming.

Happy gaming

until 05.01 i had a tc20 running. then i got azlar (cool) and decided to run a second tc20.
Today was the 97th drop, the 98th drop is in just under an hour and a half. (It’s been 98 days since 05/01, I have 2 drops every 2 days).

Unfortunately RNG was not very benevolent.


I’m a little disappointed. Before, the rate was around 5-7%. Now it crashes significantly for me. :unamused:

I’d really started to think about giving up on TC20 and finally after a very long time one of my two delivered.

Some belief has been restored :sweat_smile:


Bet they secretly reduced the drop rate with peolpe reusing then to farm for soul exchange.

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It does feel like that

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TC20 gives mostly 3*. About 5% chance of a S1 5*. After a certain point, mostly useful for soul exchange fodder (and slightly beefier feeders).


The odds are pretty clearly 50-20-5 or close enough to make no difference. Going 100 tries without success at a 5% chance isn’t even all that rare. It’s not expected, but with 100,000+ people trying, someone is going to hit that threshold every day of the week.

2 TC20 over 3mos with only 2 5* . Could not even use the lowest tier of last SE and appears I will not have enough for the bottom tier come next one .
Have let one run out and still 2mos left on the other but will let it lapse as well after proving a waste of time and resources . Just another act of futility .

Started running a TC20 in January in advance of the last soul exchange, and collected every two days until April, with 0 5* in about 30-35 collected. Didn’t track 3s and 4s until April. I started up a second TC20 April 5, I have received 8x4* and 34x3*, 0 5*. Feeling like the RNG has been really against me for the past 5 months.


Been running 2 tc20s for a while now recieved 3 5*s i think in around 3 months.

After like 170 pulls without single five star, this is what i got today.
Never stop trying guys.
Good use for soul exchange.

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I had 2 straight 5* pulled from TC 20 (3 running at a time) back in February when Soul Exchange was first introduced (or was it just before it was introduced? not sure really)
Since, then, from 3 20lvl camps I’ve received a total of 2 5* heroes :wink: (so roughly 45 pulls monthly * 4 months = 180, that’s still better than 1%)
I can understand the conspiracy theories but that is still not sufficient data from a single player, has anyone else been running tabs?

124 pulls without a 5*
These are the pulls frum yesterday. 54.

I’ve pulled a few decent 4 and 5. I think I got Magni once.

I will join the vent, just because. I’ve gotten maybe half of my vanilla 5* from TC20, and in my first 2-3 years had a ton of dupes.

now that I have been running 3 TC20 for a while for Soul Exchange fodder… I am not getting nearly as many.

ok vent over, as I have not been tracking religiously, but I only have one dupe 5* and a couple of first-time Thorne and Quintus to show for it so… :slight_smile:

I gave up on mine, just a waste of resources and the loss of a training camp to get crap. Kept track of it.

Not really much patience there. That’s a month of training before giving up? I take it you don’t run HA10 then because that’ll really try your patience. It took me 10 months before getting any non-S1 hero.
If you’re one who has a lot of heroes to work on, then maybe TC20 and HA10 aren’t worth your while. But if someone isn’t spending heavily on portals, TC20 is your best option to get feeders for SE or HA10.
I’ve only started up again with one TC20 since the last SE and have been luckier as I think I’ve gotten 3 legendaries in the past 2 months, but they come in bunches. I think I got 2 relatively early, but then the 3rd one last week.

Couple days ago got elkanen from one of mine seems to drop a 5* every 5 weeks or so. Ihave 3 running.

Now just recieved.