TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

Aside from the production / storage buildings that were convertible to their advanced counterparts, my Forges served as the conversion medium for my Barracks, Hunter’s Lodge and Hero Academy. Not having VIP Pass purchased means I won’t have a second builder to switch back and forth on the fly. I kept one forge and plan to keep that as a forge because as much as this game wants or calls you to deviate from certain low level items, I still use it to craft battle items I still use (Healing Items, Arrows, Bombs, Dragon Attacks, Time Stops, Tornadoes), and when I am about to run into excess or close to maxing out my storage spaces, the forge will serve as a food / iron sink better than a Hunter’s Lodge because it had existed for shorter amount of time than the Forge, aside from the Giant Harpoons, everything else in there takes Titan Parts, and there aren’t as many of those lying around as the other ingredients.

One of the main reasons I was running TC20 x 3 24/7 and queued up was because I want to max my chance at getting every 5* season 1 hero. I kept my fourth one, which is a maxed building too as my general purpose training on the fly type building. Sure, I can use Heroes Academy to do faster trainings on the 1* and 2* feeders, but until SGG addresses it as a QOL fix, there is not Claim All button as there are in the TC. You had to collect one at a time from the HA. Besides, I have more uses for my HA than training fast feeders, when HA10 is usable for me, I can use the other function for Troop Re-training if needed. It helps to have options. Now that I got all the season 1 3* - 5*, I still plan on running TC20 x 3 so I can find 5* dupes to put in. I just haven’t seen one for a while and this might even drag on since I don’t spend nor do I summon with Gems often, even if it is just a tool, TC20 still remain my best odds of finding something to toss into the HA10 pot.

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Off topic - how do you level up your heroes then? Isn’t it taking way too much time with only one Training camp producing feeder heroes?

Edit: But yeah, TC20 is a great place to store extra food, if nothing else. Sadly cannot turn off my TC20 even if I wanted because of all the food stored there which will burn.

On topic - my continuing trainings. All so far:

Boldtusk - Hu Tao - Justice - Graymane - Bane - Sonya - Prisca.

Still above average, and Sonya is a nice one too, despite being my third.


Since I am not really in a short sprint race of this game, more like a longer than most marathon, I have not really power leveling any of my heroes since I started playing. So there are going to be days where I may be lucky if I am able to increase one level of my 5* and I don’t really mind playing the slow game. I am already behind the spenders when I play for free, why bother trying to play catch up?

I also try to work on only one hero per color, so that will likely slow things down even more too.

If there is one thing I am known for when playing this game aside from being F2P is that I am persistently patient.


Well I’ve been running 2 lvl 20 TCs for over 18 months and received over 15 5* from them and both are running at 250 days each, they seam to come in waves. You’ll get yours.
Capt Guy

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Finishing my first 10-trainee session:

Boldtusk - Hu Tao - Justice - Graymane - Bane - Sonya - Prisca - Grimm - Scarlett - Balthazar

It’s actually a great 10-train, with only four 3*, with a total of five 4*, four of them great, one decent (Hu Tao), and a crappy 5* whom I will probably not ascend even to 3/70 for quite some time, but can be useful in various events as a 2/60.

So I’ve just got up to making 160 pulls from my lev 20 training camps and, among the graduations, I’ve just received a 4th 5* (a second Sartana). Following the fanfares, I realize that 4 in 160 equates to a quite modest 2.5% rate of legendary hero production.

Other sources have indicated a ~5% production rate (fandom, previous post ).

Has the production rate of 5*s decreased?
Have I’ve just not been as lucky as others?
Any other thoughts?

Here are my latest TC20 results. Running for about 5 months without a break. 72% 3*, 21% 4* & 7% 5*. Not bad at all, I think. :slight_smile:

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You will get every thing when time runs

This is true and my experience also same, but I can’t give any evidence because my application was not updated

Now I can paste the images

TC 20_2 1

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Absolutely yes. My first 2 weeks running 2 x TC20’s, delivered Vivica, Sartana and Elena and then I shut them down while I used 4 x TC11’s for feeders. The next campaign got me more Elenas, so I quit again. The third gave me some handy 4 stars… The last campaign got shut down as it couldn’t deliver a 4 star who was not Little John or yet another BT or Boril. Sadly, I am going to have to run both for a month quite soon as my paid and token summons cannot deliver a 5 star (well they do if you think any 5 star is worthwhile; they aren’t (btw) all created desirable, useful or good? I did pull from a summons, one good 5 star recently and the RNG is mocking me by giving me all the mats except for what I need.




TC20 is bad, just like HA10 fml :man_facepalming:

Is it? Running it for almost a year (with a big break) and got 6 different 5* with a success rate of >5%. I think it‘s pretty outstanding. :wink:


You have been having better luck than most.

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