TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

My first Isarnia from TC20. Already had her from Costume Chamber.

Still missing a few 5* after over 2 years of TC20. I had up to 3 TC20 at the same time.

The thing that most people tend to not understand is that TC20 is a reliable, steady and sure way of getting a 4* army. 5* are still unreliable - yes, you will get some - the more TC20s running the better odds - but those probably won’t exactly be the heroes you’re hoping to get from there. Keep that in mind and you won’t get disappointed.

My own TC20 experience so far - only 5 recruits: Boldtusk, Hu Tao, Justice, Graymane, Bane. That is above the average undoubtedly, but I guess I will go in the average numbers soon enough. Also Justice was never on my list of good 5* which I wanted, but I will play with what the game bestows upon me. If that is only 4*, I will play with only 4*.

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Totally agree. This game has been cruel to me with five stars but through TC20 I’ve become a four star specialist. Have about four or five in each color with +20 talents. I’ve beaten every Ninja Tower and Challenge Event and can get six one shot wins in war with a little luck using mostly four stars still to this day.


Same here. And after almost 2.5 years of playing, I am just missing the male elf now (forgot how to spell his name).

I used to sing high praises
o’ what TC20 did spawn
Of late, I have misfortune;
my TC luck is gone!

A C2P can summon
many portals, all in vain,
to find himself months later
with a pocketful of Bane.

Or instead the wise man spoke,
you could build a camp of twenty;
furnish it with fresh recruits,
new heroes come a’plenty!

And so I did, just as he said,
I filled it day and night;
In came rolling heroes,
“by jove, the old man’s right!”

But that was then, and this is now,
perhaps my memory is deranged;
'tis possible I’m wrong,
but I feel that something’s changed.

Is it normal for TC to yield
no 5 stars since October?
They tell me that’s impossible,
“you’re drunk, please go get sober.”



Angling for @JonahTheBard 's title now, @TGW? Is the forum big enough for TWO bards?


Bravo, bravo

Hurrah for more poetry!

I award you a second Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military:

A very rare thing indeed


I believe both Jonah and I were bards long before E&P was ever conceived. I’ve no intentions of stealing his title as official bard of the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


I know this feeling, I’m also since November without a 5* from TC, the way things are going, soon I’ll take 3* on Academy instead 5* retraining them :thinking:

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Hahaha!! Perfect!! It seems impossible, but our numbers can express themselves

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I thought in your case it was “barred” :crazy_face: Joking, I would NEVER advocate barring you


Barred, bard, bearded, bristled, burnt, blistered, blitzed, bashed, blustered, blemished, you name it, I’ve been them all at least twice and twice again.

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Seriously though, I was an angsty, awkward, emotionally troubled social outcast in my teenage years.

Of course I write poetry.

It’s kind of expected.

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Will say that outside of TC20 being a source of “free feeders,” it is mildly annoying that I’m now at a point where if I do get a 5* hero, it’s a [high] chance of being a duplicate while I wait for the remainder of the S1 pool before it’s rendered obsolete. And those duplicates are gonna be sitting for a bit until HA10 is reached and researched.

While I still have enough space for feeders and trainers ot eventually dump into these 5* heroes, I will definitely start having to get rid of these other duplicates if I continue to get nothing but repeats before I’ve finished the “collection” of Classic heroes. Don’t even have costumes for them either, outside three of the heroes.

Elkanen :grinning:

20 green elfs

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I was running two TC20s simultaneously for months.

One 5* duplicate in October and nothing since?

Seriously… 2 TC20s, meaning 1 summon every day. November, December, January, February, 4 months of collecting a summon every day, and what was my pull rate? 90% 3*, 10% 4*, 0% 5*. Out of well over 100 summons.

Feeders? Hardly.

I finally ended up shutting down my second TC20 a couple weeks ago because neither one were producing. Converted the second TC20 into a second TC11. Figure I’ll get a lot more actual feeder XP from 24 1-2* heroes than I will from a single 3*.

I got a question. My TC20 has been going nonstop for about 11 months now and still not a single 5*…
Do I need to research every level? I skipped researching level 15 till level 19 because im not planning on using those.

Is it true that the chance of a 5* is 5%? i find it hard to believe honestly.

That is quite long, but not impossible, are you only running one TC20? Having more than one helps with the chances.

You do not need to research every level, the training option you pick is independent of the other. Even though I didn’t use 14 - 18, I went ahead and researched them regardless (back when I first started playing, buildings did not go beyond 20, so there was limited places where you can spend your excess food, so I just did them for completions sake).

Now SGG could have chosen to be complete jerks by making every TC researches having to be done separately right? Fortunately that’s not the case, you only have to research the training in one, and it will apply to all the others.

SGG did not officially publish the odds for TC20 training, this number is the result of large, numerous number players’ data pooled of their TC20 pulls over time and although individual’s data may vary, it is doesn’t really deviate too much away from 75% being 3*, 20% being 4*, and 5% being 5*. Having multiple TC20 sessions can help by giving you more chances.

Any way, I started running my first TC20 on July of 2018, and now have 3 of them running 24/7. I don’t keep dupe heroes (5* included), have I gotten dupe 5* along the way, of course. Now that I have a copy of every Season 1 3* - 5*, I should probably have turned off my TC20, right? Not quite, they do serve as a pretty quick and hefty chunk of food and recruits storage/back-out, plus I am still using it for my Heroes Academy 10 Chips. With 3 running all the time and without buying roster spaces, not keeping dupes, and not using VIP pass, were there any dupe 5* that popped, of course, but as I was still working on Advanced Food Storage and Heroes Academy building upgrades at the time, I fed them off. Now that everything is ready, I don’t have any duplicate 5* to feed. I am now past a month since my HA10 is finished without having anything to throw in.

Now that I am expecting something to come out on this published 5% of non-seasonal 1 5* every 7 days, but it is probably the best chance I have to get someone I don’t have given my non-spending habits and poor summoning luck. The drought just happens to coincide with my HA10 being finished and not being utilized.


tnx for your answer! I think it’s time to level up the other 3 TC’s then.
I got 1 at level 20 running non stop.
2 running level 11 non stop
and the 4th i use for my swords and backpacks

Did you sacrifice a TC for your hero academy?

TC20 finally delivered another five star! My fourth Azlar. Four! I have as many Azlars as all my purple, green, and yellow five stars combined. (Not counting my dupe Viv.) This is after about 17 months of playing. Wow. You suck TC20.

You got me beat by one; I only have 3 Azlars. Meanwhile, I have 0 Rigards! I actually shut down my TC20 back in December to focus on having all my TCs churning out a constant stream of fodder to use in training my existing heroes. Before I shut it down, I was on somewhat of a hot streak, getting Caedmon (dupe), Marjana, Joon (dupe), Thorne, and Kiril (dupe) all in a row. Then on a whim in late February, I ran a single TC20 and got Magni! Still, I’d trade almost any of those pulls for a Rigard (especially a C-Rigard)!

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