TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

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It’s wonderful, out of 15 x 5 stars three are called Elena. Amazing that I should be so blessed. :grinning:

I’ve been running my TC20 as soon as I have enough recruits and the highest I’ve gotten so far is 4*. I’ve heard from most of my team mates how they’ve managed to get 5* but I haven’t been so lucky and I’m not happy. All of my 5* has come from portals and I only have like 8 5* and I’m not even spending money on pulls so I’ve been lucky there, except I never get the 5* that I want.
I try not to, only use money for my monthly dragon. Please increase the % to pull a 5* from TC20 and please, for the love of all things nice, stop giving duplicates.

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I’ll second that, with just 14 x 5 stars, I have three Elenas and two Joons… Kind of like the 5 star Dawas.

3 days ago, I was planning to go here and complain about TC20 as the rest of the group here. The reason is that I’m running 2x TC20 constantly (currently around 60 days of work in both) and results were not good.

I’ve got my second Leo ~ 4-5 months ago and then mostly 3* and couple of dupes 4*.

Just as I was about to start complaining, something changed. My last 4 pulls - Quintus, Isarnia, Carver, Thorne.

I’m not going to comment Carver for obvious reasons, but other than that, Hell yeah!!! I’m missing a lot of the S1 5*, and this was a nice addition to the collection.

Now I’m a bit more optimistic. Will see how it goes in the next weeks, I might be back than :sweat_smile:

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I love TC20, You can never have too many completely useless Elenas…

EDIT: I think Liannas are distributed by design. Dev#1; “If @sft1965 pulls a Lianna, I’m not buying tonight”, “other devs pull out laptops…”

And a small edit here. Another 2 pulls later - Carver and a second Thorne.

What is happening here? :crazy_face:

Hey guys, i want to share some old complain of many players, i gained my last 5* from my TC in November 26 (2020, Domitia), and my last 5* from portal in December 26 (Mother of North), today’s February 20, 2021, almost 2 months without a new 5*, even all the several pulls i did after this, nothing…not even a Horghall…i know probably many players will say or think “it seems your RNG it’s broken, or the planets aren’t aligned enough when i try the portals and stuff”, but here’s the thing, my teammate has the same issue, her last 5* from TC was in November 10, and guess when she got her Reuben, December 26, exactly the same day of my MN, coincidence? I think no one will answer this, maybe it’s something wrong with our account IDK, but we never gained any 5* hero after this, while our other teammates are gaining heroes every week, i know this post will change nothing, but i just wanted to share our bad experiences with the last summonings in the game, if SG want to encourage us to spend money, they’re doing this wrong lol, anyways, hope our “luck” get back soon, i have my last Valhala pulls to do lol…


Not much I can offer in the way of comfort, but happy forum anniversary, nonetheless :cake:


Well I run TC 20 from half year and all what I get is 2 justice,1 isarnia,1 Joon,2 Kadilen but I eat them straight away because I don’t like her face and louds of ulmer

Summoning is a generally a game of patience and can be excruciating if you’re expecting anything but 3*.

Here’s a story with a recent happy ending - well ending might not be the right word, but things have been nice recently.

My story begins in November 2019. I had a nice streak of single pulls, beginning with a Neith on November 14th, an Isarnia costume on the 19th, a Grimble in early December, and a Santa Claus in January. Unfortunately, I did not have the Isarnia hero and that first costume portal did not come with the hero.

From that Grimble pull in December through this month, I had not pulled another HOTM or pulled an Isarnia from TC20. That was 303 Event Pulls with no HOTM or Isarnia and another 348 TC 20 pulls without Isarnia.

But something crazy good like that month and a half in late 2019, early 2020 just happened.
With my first League of Villains challenge coin pull, Crystalis appeared on February 11th. Then on February 19th, one of my 2 TC20’s dropped my first 5 star in 43 pulls (a duplicate Justice), then the next day my second Ninja Tower pull - a Dawa, but with the Ureaus HOTM - what??? (never been so happy to see a Dawa :slight_smile: ), and the following day (today) my very next TC20 drop was Isarnia - finally can use that costume from November 2019.

To recap, that’s four five stars (3 very usable) in 18 pulls (including 3 in a row) after a very long dry spell of HOTM’s.

My costume pulls in between the Villains challenge and Ninja Tower even provided three new 3-star costumes. I’ll pass on this month’s Valhalla pulls just to be sure I don’t pull a duplicate HOTM (LOL) and we’ll see what’s in store going forward.

This game can be feast or famine, and often the famine can go almost unbearably long. Fortunately, we have a community to share our disappointments - and the occasional good news story - with.

Sorry for the long-winded nature of this post, but wanted to share hope for those of you that have experienced similar angst as me. By-the-by, prior to the run in late 2019, I only had one HOTM (Aegir) in 16 months of play - not sure how many pulls, as I did not start tracking pulls until my first TC20 was built 7 months into playing.

Lastly, my TC20 training has been on the plus side, with 32 5-star pulls (16 unique) in 492 pulls, that’s a 6.5% clip. I have 17 classic 5-stars now as I pulled my only Azlar from a Seasonal portal back in April of 2019.

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This is a good story, I hope my luck find the way to my game again lol, almost 2 months and nothing!! But let’s wait something better :pray:t2:

Thank you so much, well, the thing I can do it’s to wait things change here lol, but hope this happen soon

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I’ve been genuinely very lucky with TC20 when I ran it (I don’t ran it for some time anymore). In around 1.5-2 years time of running at least 1 (some months of running 2/3 of them) I scored all S1 5* heroes at least once excluding Sartana and Obakan. Thankfullly I got my only Sartana from Eht about 1.5 years ago, so Obakan eludes me for over 3 years, but it doesn’t really matter me that much. I just want him to complete my S1 collection, but I don’t think I’ll ever max him (possibly I will, if I score his costume).
Now I’m running HA10 (started retraining on 18th of December 2020), I’m 9 retranings in with 1st one scoring Athena and last 9th one scoring Drake Fong. Training/retraining heroes has been very nice to me.

Since december my poor pulling luck really changed too. I had very crappy pulling luck in whole 2020, but since december a lucky charm stands beside me. Got Onatel, Horghall C and Bertila all from free pulls. And a lot of mana troops including first yellow mana troop from first HA9 retraining, which eluded me almost 3 years (I scored 2 more of them in January from ETTs so all of sudden I have 3 of them now!) + first ninja troop this ninja tower event.

So since december I scored many missing mana troops and 4 new hotms including those from HA10 (3 past hotms and 1 current one), all really solid ones too and my first ever 5* costume with very little spending. I was even planning to quit the game before december, cause I was so unhappy with my poor pulling luck, but it’s kind of hard to quit this game lol. Never loose hope, this game is about grinding, if you plan not to be a heavy spender. Unfortunately, you never get rewarded for the actual grinding, you can only get lucky randomly.


I’ll run my TC20’s for 6 weeks and if no goods i quit it for 2 months and start again, Sadly Elena seems to have a thing for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve had 530 TC20 trainings and the pull rates are right in line with the expected rates.

3* 384 72.4%
4* 116 21.9%
5* 30 5.7%

My worst streak of 5* pulls was 87 without. My best was 4 5* out of 6 trainings.

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Ok, so I will try to comfort you guys. After a couple of 3* pulls, my TC20 gave me Magni today. Another new addition to my roster :partying_face:

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Bad pulls on TC20… well after only 3* since november this week yay a 4* and only have 1 working 24/7… pity i cant trade all the Dawa’s, and 3* stars im getting for at least 1 x week a 5*… even im the alliance im in , most pull a 5* at least once every 2 weeks… and try stoppind my tc20 training, well no option, have it loaded for at least 200 days


TC20 finally delivered another five star! My fourth Azlar. Four! I have as many Azlars as all my purple, green, and yellow five stars combined. (Not counting my dupe Viv.) This is after about 17 months of playing. Wow. You suck TC20.

I always pick up in packs of 10 or sometimes more. The last 3 pickups were without 5*. This time there were 2

makes an average of one 5* every 6 weeks.

Still missing Joon, Magni and Vivica… Otherwise I have all (S1)

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