TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread


I have not checked recently but

RNG Seed

If I recall correctly, SGG currently uses a different RNG seed for each import for 100% of actions.

Because. Humans. ( aka Betagate ).

But high value RNG has pinged the server since Day One. Because. Money.


Pulled a thorne this month(today).
Running two tc 20 again since September(i stopped them in August).
So september wasnt kind with 5☆. But October started well… i have skadi and Fenrir before Thorne. Someday i will level this big man swordman

Still waitimg for Magni :cry:

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170 pulls and still without single 5*

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Khagan and Throne only ones i got. Rather have neither tbh.

Obakan and Joon#2 in 6 days…

150 pulls, 1 Obakan and 5 4stars, thinking about stopping. This has nothing to do with the given odds…

4 stars have been really thin on the ground for me too but I won’t run out of Azars and Ulmers anytime soon it seems.

Wow. My TC 20 sucks. 5% chance is such ■■■■■■■■. Three five stars and I have had 1.5 TC 20s going non stop since March. I’m nearly F2P and am very disappointed with it. Oh and two of the three five stars were dupes of what I already have and I only have four classic five star heroes. That seems like horrible luck. To go with my 8 four stars troops in 11.5 months of playing. And three of my four mana troops are blues. Bad luck or fishy RNG.

My TC20 is thin on 4* as well. I did a 20-pull from one camp today and got 3 5*, 1 4* and 16 3*.

Magni and Vivica can both be useful and I have appointed Khagan as the captain for the bench.

TC20 is generous to me this month - also gave me a Sartana earlier this month. So in total I got 4 5* from my two TC20 camps this month.

The thing is, I don’t even think SG ever officially posted odds for TC20. The 5% chance for 5* hero came mostly from player posted results, I believe.

Personally? Overall? I think I got my first TC20 about a year and a half ago… since then, I have alternated running anywhere from 0 to 3 at a time (currently running 2).

I have gone several weeks pulling nothing but 3* heroes. Other times, I have pulled 2 or 3 legendaries in a single month.

Scattered in between the lucky streaks and dry spells, I managed to pick up at least one of every vanilla 4* hero.

Compared to summon portals… ugh. Only 6 of my 18 legendary heroes came from summon portals. The other 12 came from TC20s.

And the vast majority of my 4*s came from TC20 as well.

I understand the frustration when you’ve been running a camp for months and getting nothing. But to me, that is still far less frustrating than saving up gems for months and getting nothing.


I have had the very first heroe 5* and now having only 3*…not sure if this works too :thinking:

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It’s normal. Sometimes the TC will spit out only 3* for weeks in a row.

Some will say “that’s just RNG”! And I suppose it is, just RNG.

Though RNG in this game, in my experience, tends to act particularly funny.

Real life RNG, if you flipped a coin 100 times, you’d expect it to land roughly 50 times on heads, 50 times on tails. Not perfectly of course, you might have streaks of 3 or 4 of the same result in a row, but highly unlikely that you will flip 20 times in a row and land on tails 20 times in a row.

In E&P however? Yeah it’s totally normal to land on tails 20 times in a row.

Then to land on heads in the next 20 flips.

And you can sit there and say “wtf? this looks broken…”

And the game will look at you and say, “hey, the odds were 50/50. You got 20 heads and 20 tails. Therefore the odds were correct.”

“Yeah but how come I got all those in a row…”

SG - “I said… the odds… are correct.”

“Just seems weird how it was so streaky like that…”


SG - “We said that 1 out of every 100 summons would result in this pull. We did not say that everyone would get that hero. Regardless of whether 1 person got 1 and 99 got none, or one person got 100 and 9,999 people got none, the odds remain the same. Working as intended. Thank you and goodbye.”

The uh… so called ‘beauty’ of RNG right there.

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Hehehe ok ok I got it! Ill definitely tone down my expectations and take what I´ll get. Its just, after so much time and effort to get the Tc20´s going you´re like "ok, from now on Ill rock and whack everyone with my great heros from Tc20 and…nada…

But, I´ve never experienced a game that is so toying and messing with ones expectations and feelings like this one. So just for that, hats off to the inventors who are probably richer than Bill Gates by now…

Are you saying it’s a non-stop for as long and with 3 or 4 TC 20 working same time? Then defo weird one :thinking:


I still have yet to pull a Sartana. I’m kinda ticked about that, for as long as I’ve run TC20… all the pulls I’ve done, not one.
No fewer than eight Quintus, though. Woohoo.

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Brilliant, as usual, @TGW!

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I am personally rooting for Mr. Smith.

If he doesn’t deliver a Vivica, Elena, Thorne, or at the very least a freaking Horghall in the next few weeks, he is unfortunately going to be permanently terminated.

And as much as I personally dislike terminating my villager employees, they do make some amusing noises when tossed off the top balcony of my stronghold.

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The view from @TGW’s stronghold:

Personally, I have set up a competition between the COOs of my 2 TC20s and my HA to see who can be the first to produce an Elkanen and complete my set of S1 legendaries. Winner gets a lifetime supply of ham. So far, their enthusiasm for the contest seems… lackluster.

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I have four TCs that I have been funding quite generously for many months. I’m currently working on upgrading my Hero Academy (will still be probably several weeks at least to get to level 10).

I have already sent out a warning letter to my TCs. My Alchemy Lab is already mostly complete, just finishing up some research. My Hunter’s Lodge is complete. Once my Hero Academy is also complete…

Let’s just say that my TC operators have been coasting under the mistaken belief that they will continue to keep getting more and more resources even if they never produce any actual results.

What they fail to realize is that I have secretly been keeping tabs on them, and their days of giving me Friar Tucks and Dawas ad infinitum are numbered!


ahem to my current TC20 lessees… I have already printed out several copies of these.


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