TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

Probably… obviously still the problem.

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But TC 20 does deliver; run one and you will be disappointed, run two and you will be pleasantly surprised. Yeah the build time is a beach but we all bite the bullet at some stage…

Started off with two TC20s, was a pointless effort so switched to one. That was in January, it’s now September

My very young recent TC20 campaign has delivered 26 x 3 stars, 10 x 4 stars and 2 x 5 stars. That is 5 weeks… (and oddly in accordance with most others stats) :thinking:

Yes, I believe that I got 2 5* the first couple of weeks. Let’s chat again in 6 months and see where you are

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That’s the recent campaign. Campaign 1 delivered 3 x 5 stars in two weeks…

At this stage I am just hanging out for a Lianna.

2 Tcs here, about a 100 pulls and got 4 4*! Quite discouraging :wink:

I’ve pulled quite a few 5* from my TC20 but maybe one actually worth leveling.

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I’ve been running TC20 for a month, and I’ve pulled 2 5*s (Azlar & Obakan), which popped out only a couple runs apart.

Well, after a month and a half since it last gave me a 5-star, I got a 3rd from TC20 today. And guess what? It was a duplicate of the first one it gave me! Yup, I have exactly 3 5-stars and TC20 gave me a duplicate of one of those! So annoying. I’d rather get a good 4-star like Rigard (Melendor is my only 4-star+ healer) than a duplicate Azlar (at least it wasn’t a duplicate Obakan). :frowning_face:

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I’m currently running and tracking my TC20 results (now up to two camps running), and I’m running a little hot on 5*s since I started tracking in July, but I’m probably close to average since my first TC20 came on board in May.

Domitia, Khagan, Elena, Vivica (Duplicate), Elkanen

No complaints - I am getting heroes and while I’m not leveling all of them, I am happy that I have been getting some.

Hope those of you who are unhappy with your results are getting good summons from your portal, or that you get some nice heroes soon.

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Just passed 160 pulls without single 5*, ever since i had my first TC20.
Unbelievable and disgusting how cruel RNG can be.

~20 months running still no sartana, elena and magni but got 5 liannas instead :see_no_evil:

What’s weird is that I don’t really want to get all S1 5* heroes from TC20. I just want enough to have projects to level and then I will get the rest from HA (once I get that setup in like December).

Plus I have got Vivica and several other 5*s.

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Well that’s something of a mixed blessing. I rarely use my emblemed Sartana and Elena? Couldn’t justify the resources.

However, I will fight you for a Lianna and if that fails I’ll promise to be your friend when trading starts. I’d give you a maxed Sartana for a 1/1 Lianna.

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Well I’ve received my third Azlar from TC20 (and I started running TC20 July 14th). Also just this morning I got my 3rd unique 5 star from TC20: Elkanen.

I just stumbled across this now and it is quite interesting. I recall seeing a post from @Kerridoc quite some time ago that said the opposite. He had a finished training that he pulled in beta and got a 5* (I believe). He went back into live and pulled a completely different hero from the same training.

Took some doing to find this again

I wonder if the identical pulls you got in beta and live were due to the identical seed being used between the two environments at the time? Is this still true that the pulls are identical between beta and live now that the seeds are no longer sync’ed?

haha forgot about this.

I followed it up with staff & basically the low-value trainings (i.e. ones that give only 1 & 2* heroes) share their “RNG” seed that the device retrieves. So basically uses the same RNG seed for low-value trainings as my live account did.

What it meant was that the trainings would be the same & hence give the same outcome.

In summary, after further discussion with staff trainings would appear to be determined on collection using the RNG seed that your device has retrieved from the server.

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Interesting. That would seem to indicate that different seeds are used for different random events in the game, since they now specifically use a different seed for boards between live and beta.

That in turn would possibly be a stumbling block in analyzing the system where you pull silver tokens until you get two good troop results and then pull epic tokens. Not that I’ve really believed it myself …

Correct. To a degree :stuck_out_tongue:

All low-value stuff is RNG on the client side (i.e. using the RNG Seed generated by the server but stored on your phone for 20 (?) minutes (number comes from a previous test done by I think @kerridoc and @Gryphonknight (?))

All high-value stuff (e.g. summons and that) is done on the server side. So there is no continuous seed that your account has access to but is instead refreshed/ regenerated much more often… Most likely every summons creates a new RNG seed but I honestly have no idea.

TLDR I followed up with staff & is all good. No cross-over between Beta & Live game for anything which will influence the outcome of the game :slight_smile: (Boards, Summons, High Value RNG stuff like TC20, TC13, AL10, AL Shards, HA etc…)

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