TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

Probably… obviously still the problem.

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But TC 20 does deliver; run one and you will be disappointed, run two and you will be pleasantly surprised. Yeah the build time is a beach but we all bite the bullet at some stage…

Started off with two TC20s, was a pointless effort so switched to one. That was in January, it’s now September

My very young recent TC20 campaign has delivered 26 x 3 stars, 10 x 4 stars and 2 x 5 stars. That is 5 weeks… (and oddly in accordance with most others stats) :thinking:

Yes, I believe that I got 2 5* the first couple of weeks. Let’s chat again in 6 months and see where you are

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That’s the recent campaign. Campaign 1 delivered 3 x 5 stars in two weeks…

At this stage I am just hanging out for a Lianna.

2 Tcs here, about a 100 pulls and got 4 4*! Quite discouraging :wink:

I’ve pulled quite a few 5* from my TC20 but maybe one actually worth leveling.

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I’ve been running TC20 for a month, and I’ve pulled 2 5*s (Azlar & Obakan), which popped out only a couple runs apart.

Well, after a month and a half since it last gave me a 5-star, I got a 3rd from TC20 today. And guess what? It was a duplicate of the first one it gave me! Yup, I have exactly 3 5-stars and TC20 gave me a duplicate of one of those! So annoying. I’d rather get a good 4-star like Rigard (Melendor is my only 4-star+ healer) than a duplicate Azlar (at least it wasn’t a duplicate Obakan). :frowning_face:

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I’m currently running and tracking my TC20 results (now up to two camps running), and I’m running a little hot on 5*s since I started tracking in July, but I’m probably close to average since my first TC20 came on board in May.

Domitia, Khagan, Elena, Vivica (Duplicate), Elkanen

No complaints - I am getting heroes and while I’m not leveling all of them, I am happy that I have been getting some.

Hope those of you who are unhappy with your results are getting good summons from your portal, or that you get some nice heroes soon.

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