TC 20 not delivering - MASTER TC20 Vent Thread

About to stop trying, enough is enough. Running two TC20, getting close to 4th month without ONE 5* hero.
I mean seriously?

I’ve recently upgraded my base to L20 and am now working on getting a TC to 20. It’s interesting to read what all of you are saying but, as a vc2p who only has 6 5* from various sources in 6 months, I do think I should have one of my 4 TCs running on this. I’ve been fairly happy with my luck so far and still have a number of ‘key’ missing 3 and 4 stars so will see what happens when I finally get this TC upgraded.

Tc20 works, but patience is needed. I kept track for my first 500+ pulls and around 6% of those were 5*. Running 1 tc20 is a start, but you should aim at getting at least 3 running eventually.

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Like with any pull TC20 is a bit hit and miss when hoping for those 5* characters when you’re starting out, especially if you’re F2P or C2P. Patience is needed with this aspect of the game (and many others).

I was slow to get to TC20 but do have a few 5* to show for it. I did strangely getting Marjana several times in succession. Still missing a few but slowly strengthening my bench.

Sorry but what kind of patience are we talking about here? Years?
Otherwise is not true. 8 days remaining for my 4th month running TC20, 3 months with other one TC20, and yet a havent got single 5*. Odds are ridiculous and yet we talking about ONE hero, which wont most likely fit to your needs.
Its broken, clearly. Ninja nerf, whatever.
To be honest its biggest letdown for me so far, another example how P2W this game really is.

500 trainings equals 1000 days, unless my math is off. There youv’e got a metric for the kind of patience we’re talking about in the same breath. You have been very unlucky, as the average 5* chance used to be around 5%. I haven’t tracked for a very long time, but they do trickle in every now and then still.

Here’s the original tracking thread: Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

Looks like post 3120 is my last post there. Lol

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Our data suggest it was nerfed to around 1.3% around Jun 2019 or it may be tied to XP level. All the accounts we track follow the same pattern except one that is below L50 = 4.6%

Who’s data, and how many accounts are you tracking? Can we have a look? :blush:

Edit: just checked the hatchery:

I’m currently on a 74 streak with no 5 star…

Out of all TC20 results my 5 star percentage is 1.6%… with one of the 2 heroes being Obakan.

Hope that makes other people with poor luck feel better :sweat_smile:

…oh and I know people who in the same amount of pulls have got Joon, Magni, Leo, Lianna, Sartana and Azlar. It is what it is.

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My positive thinking: TC20 as a better way to pull 4* :slight_smile:

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Well, after over 100 pulls and only getting my 5th Vivica and 3 dupe 4*, my TC20 just popped out Khagan and Marjana one after the other, so I guess I can’t complain anymore.

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My last 5*from tc20 was 3 or 4 months ago and it doesn’t even matter because it only gives me the same heroes over and over again. I already have 6 Domitias 5 isarnias and like 4 elkanens while not a single Sartana, Marjana, Magni, Richard or Azlar

Yes, because for some reason it’s easier for certain kinds of people to believe that you and millions of other players keep rolling one in a billion odds, than to believe the fact that the RNG is broken/fraudulent.

Actually it’s easier to believe the RNG has a mind of it’s own and does as it pleases. :crazy_face: :rofl:

It would broken/F if everyone got one on every every 2 days, YESSSS please be broken :partying_face:


In just over 61 pulls I’ve had 2x5* namely Isarnia and Domitia. I’ve had 15x4* notables were Colen, Melandor, Rigard, Grimm, Boril and Kelile. The rest 44x3* have been used as food or in tournaments.

Overall I am happy with this :grinning:

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Slight update, after ca 400 pulls I got 2 5* Obakan and Quintus, so it delivering but with 0,5% chance by me. The 2 TC20 Im going nonstop since july 2019

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Therefore the name for TC 20, More chances for Legendary Heroes is not meeting. In my opinion it is better to change as “more chances for Epic heroes”. Other wise the chances should be minimum 10 %, then only the name will applicable. Even after long journey if we are not getting 5* heroes it is highly rediculos, I will agree that, those who have lucky they will get early, those who have unlucky they will get in the last, no body will become a millionaire by having 5* heroes SG also will not lose any thing, Game programmers should look into this aspect

I’m at 322 pulls and I have gotten a 5* 12 times. That is 3.73%. Not great, but that’s just how odds work. Sometimes you’re at the front of the curve, others you’re behind it

Yup, TC20 is streaky indeed. I just went through a dry spell of about 120 pulls without any 5 stars… but then I pulled a Vivica day before yesterday…my overall percentage is 4.3% of 5 stars from a total of around 350 pulls. :slight_smile:

Click here for my TC20 tracking data, if anyone is interested.


@Scarecrow can you explain your methodology from post 12? I don’t understand it. Thanks

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