TC 20 nerfed?

Currently on 15 3*s in a row

That’s a month of training

I really hope I’m just unlucky

I hope so too. Mine is researching now, up and running next week.

I’ve got 2 TC20s timed to spit out a hero a day. Here are my results:

Hero Stars Color
Balthazar 3 Purple
Berden 3 Green
Justice 5 Yellow
Azar 3 Red
Ulmer 3 Blue
Hawkmoon 3 Red
Isshtak 3 Green
Friar Tuck 3 Green
Dawa 3 Yellow
Li Xiu 4 Yellow
Bane 3 Yellow
Prisca 3 Purple
Ulmer 3 Blue
Carver 3 Green
Sabina 4 Purple
Balthazar 3 Purple
Oberon 3 Purple
Isshtak 3 Green
Colen 4 Red
Valen 3 Blue
Gunnar 3 Blue
Tyrum 3 Purple
Prisca 3 Purple
Ulmer 3 Blue
Stars 24 Odds
3* 20 83.33%
4* 3 12.50%
5* 1 4.17%

Once again bad luck is bad. 15 3* in a row is not impossible, it’s just anecdotal evidence. You can say that more people are experiencing it. But I can counter it: I have now received 3 4* in a row, so TC20 must be buffed! Also current record with me and my GF from TC20 is 34/10/2 3*/4*/5*, which is pretty much going according to what everyone else has gotten in the tracking thread.


Ask @marlenus about bad luck lol

I have just reached tc20 and I pulled Ulmer then Domita now I will have only 3s lol

Make that 16 in a row

Got a bane

Assuming 80% chance you get 3*. You have a 3% chance on getting 16 in a row. Just really unlucky. Given the player base there will be players that had worse.

So far i have lucky with only 50% 3*

There should be a short video on the mathematics of probability when you download this game…
If you toss a fair coin 10 times and it lands heads 9 times in a row, what are the odds on the 10th toss? Still 50:50

Unfortunately, getting lots of bad luck doesn’t entitle us to good luck next time. The maths has no sympathy for the fact that I still have no green 4*!

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I hope it really is just bad luck… I am getting ready to start myself in the near future. Stronghold just got to 19, and discovered I’ve been slacking a bit on the other necessary buildings… Namely slightly short on the Iron Storage needed to stockpile enough to get SH to 20. Then comes getting my currently highest TC from 15 to 20. But I will also need to upgrade my Food Storage to be able to support the research cost… Ugh… Oh well, looks like I still have a ways to go yet.

No VIP Pass… So it’s patience time.

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You make me laugh but your are true. +1

Some stats? I have so far 162 pull on my two tc 20. 11 5*, 32 4*
My brother has 70 pull, 2 5*, 12 4*
His son has 65 pull, 2 5*, 8 4*

So far maths have more sympathy for me. Hopefully it will continue :slight_smile:


No truer words than that… By the way, if it’s any consolation, just want you to know that I don’t have any 4* Blue/Purple, no 5* of Any Color, and no 4* Troops of any Color, after close to about 5 months of playing.

I feel your pain. But also the anticipation. Every time there’s another little silhouette standing over my TC 13, I have a chance for fortune and glory!

Or bane. Again.


You know what, I don’t think Bane should be getting the slight-eye. He is everyone’s first 3* and is a very solid one at what he does. Even if you pull him again, either hold onto him for wars/challenge events, or if you are like me (who doesn’t like duplicates), he gets to be the training partner of other heroes that needed the extra experience.

Ok, fair enough. I don’t hate bane. He’s just the poster-boy for duplication. And yes, he can be used for training but if he takes two two days to train it’s not very efficient compared to a 30 minute 2* :grin:

You complaining about 15? Isn’t that within normal range? I am on a 54 non 5* streak

I’m complaining about 16 3* in a row


My worst 3* streak is 19, and I don’t have the record reported in the TC20 stats thread.