TC 20 Necessary?

Is TC 20 for many players necessary??? That’s the cuestion, which in my case makes little sense, first because I have a decent amount of maxed 5 stars, second because original heroes are mainly relevant if costumed, which only happens if one manages to get the costumes which comes with the hero from said event… SO.

TC20 is necessary for FTP and C2P players because this is the only certain way for them to get 5* heroes.

If you spend a lot of money on the game and have a lot of 5* heroes, then you don’t have to run TC20 if you don’t want to (unless you decide to use it as a food storage).


If you are a P2P player doing lots of pulls during various events, then only one TC20 is enough for storing food. But if you are a C2P/F2P player, then usually running 3x TC20 is very common because usually that’s the only source for 5 stars.


I still need some heroes, the problem is season I heroes are mainly relevant if costumed, and you only get it if one gets the costume from the event so what’s the purpose of TC 20 like in my case I have 13 5 stars maxed and some highly emblemas so why waste time to get a probable useless hero if not costumed…

Well, in that case, maybe you would want to run just one TC20 just for storing food (if you need to). Otherwise, given your roster situation, I don’t see the need to run TC20 for heroes.


As @ThePirateKing has stated, if you spend lots of money to pull lots of heroes, then you don’t need TC20. If you don’t want to spend lots of money, TC20 is your best friend, and you learn to make very good use of those so-called irrelevant heroes.


When one has some time playing the game is not about spending money, heroes will come no matter the odds…

I use one TC 20 to store the extra food that I have. Whenever I need food, I move the recruits from TC 20 to TC 11 and they other way around.


I’ve been playing for over 2 1/2 years, admittedly as a spender. About a month ago, I made the decision to go C2P (VIP pass and deals less than $5 only). The number of limited edition heroes I summoned this month dropped drastically.

When you are F2P or C2P, those limited edition heroes are few and far between. Instead of a couple of 10 pulls each event, it’s more like a couple of single pulls from saved coins or gems.

I do still have 20 EHT saved for Springvale though.


Yeah, there is no other place where to spend those coins than seasonal events, that’s what I do too.

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I am not using Tc20 at all, and beside a month right aftet I upgraded it, I never did.

Unfortunately, S1 heroes were obsolete a year ago and it only got worse from there. If you are going to pull for gems, Tc20 is really not worth it, actually only slowing your progress as you will be cut off 25% of your feeders. You will get these S1 heroes anyway, and there’s really only few that are still relevant.

People use it for food bank. Well, if you ever have trouble with having too much food that is a way to go. But if you pull for gems you will constantly have someone to work on, meaning a way to spend your food all the time.


Lol, this is dangerous comment there @NPNKY as it suggests that there is some sort of limitation and difference in what heroes can be summoned by different accounts based on weather your à p2p or onr of the other 2 types of players. :rofl:

It might also explain why I have received any also. :crazy_face:

I would not say that is quite true. As f2p, out of my top heroes, only 12 are not season 1 heroes and I have been playing for about 2 years. Other heroes don’t come along that often, given that any special summons still has a high chance of giving a classic hero. So, there is a significant difference when it comes to paying or not. I recall another thread where there was a comparison of how many legendary heroes people have maxed on average in a month. I forget the exact numbers, but my rate was about half the rate of most of the people in the thread. Although others who posted that they were also f2p, posted about the same rate as me.

The backbone of my roster is still epic season 1 characters and I still do well enough. I can complete all the quests and challenges, although I will not reach the top rankings mainly due to the fact I’d rather not waste my time with redoing stages repeatedly to get a better score.

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Nothing like that. Just odds.

And according to the comment Odds based on what you spend, :cold_face:

No. If you are a c2p or c2p you can play daily, but still s1 heroes are the majority of your roster.
I’ve been playing for more than 2 years every day. Out of my 26 5* only 7 are from events and HOTM. Nothing from seasons 2 and 3.

Really? My poor English gave me a different understanding of the post: odds are low and if you are f2p you can’t do enough pulls to ensure good seasonal heroes thus you are limited.


Totally agree 100% and I know f2p players that have some of these limited heroes, I wasn’t questioning the actually summons themselves, all I was stating to @NPNKY was to be careful how that type of comment is worded as those looking for reason to complain about summons could throw that back out there.

I am not one of those complainers :mask:

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I’ve been playing for 2 years at C2P but I have had good luck with HoTM, Season 2-3, and Event heroes, so I have a pretty decent roster. That said, I use several un-costumed, season 1 heroes as regularly as any of my “better” ones.

Heroes like Lianna, Joon, Magni, Vivica, and Sartana, for example, are definitely not obselete. There may be a few options that improve on them to various degrees, but it’s disingenuous to say they’re worthless.

I honestly have been thinking about creating a thread about tc20 -is it necessary? If your f2p or very c2p then yeah it kinda makes sense. But, I started this game a little over a year ago and have never used tc20 once ( it’s just a resource drain). My advice to new players would be- be realistic if your the type that’ll make a few pulls above and beyond the free ones you get then just max 4 Tc too level 11 because you will have more then enough tunes to level. Level your other buildings because above tc11 is a waste of resources.

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