TC 12 for food storing?

My highest level of TC is 12 and i dont intend to build it higher because im chasing HA and most of my heroes came from lucky pulls.
Is TC12 good enough for storing food or should i waste some time and get it to level 13?

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Depends on your play style ( see notes )


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what about Alchemy 9a for food storing?

Lab hoarding

Edit: First recipe can be undone. Can all of them in Lab v2.0???

As far as I know, you cannot undo Lab, so you cannot hoard resources in Lab


You cant undo recipes with gems,others can be undone.



Eventually you just run out of ingredients ( see notes )

Training camps, and Academy, can use recruits from Advanced House, and Atlantis Rising, to fuel the hoard ( see notes )


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Lab as a food sink


Recruits needed

22.5 recruits per day


Ascension items, and recruits, from AR.

([Math, Farming] Kit/ backpacks per day versus Advanced House Level 9 [More math, Math Apocalypse])

Recruit hoard


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Thank you very much for your effort kind soul

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I suggest you get at least one of your Training Camps to level 20 by reason that not only is that a decent structure for banking food and recruits, but for the simple reason that when the game updates a new structure, only 2 buildings have not yet any upgrade yet: Watch Tower and Training Camps, both the only remnants from the Stronghold 20 building, and it is possible that the advanced structures can only be built on top of these 2 buildings. Besides, if you run out of practice swords to be used at TC1 or TC2 functions, your thousands of rugged clothes can be used in TC19 function spewing 1* hero feeders every minute.

I will do probably but now it would be redundant.New building will be in beta i will have time to finish tc20 :slight_smile:

TC19 is one of my favourites, but maybe you don’t need a lot of 1* feeders. :slight_smile:

Problem with 1* feeders is that they are useless past 4.30 and 5.30,food cost is too high

Really? Man, I find that level so food-extensive. I have one TC20 (even if I only lacked Isarnia and Elena still) for food and recruits storage queued up to 230 days (it was as high as 400 days but used some for leveling up troops), one TC11 queued for 150 days with over 2,600 “harvestable” feeders, one TC2 queued for 40 days with backpacks replenished every Atlantis Rising and from Alchemy Lab 3A daily, and one training camp switched from TC11 to TC1/TC3 function, depending on my practice swords stock. I use 1* heroes leveling on-color rare and epic heroes while 2* and above feeders are fed to on-color legendaries. I level 10 heroes at the same time and only retrieve feeders daily from my TC2 and switchable training camp. Some functions of the AL and Hero Academy may also be used as food storage but the crafting and/or ascension mats required are easily depleted. TC13 may also be a better food storage than TC20.

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Play style

Mostly true for 5* 4.40+ heroes ( depends on your play style ).

Not too bad for 4* 4.70 heroes.


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4.40 even for maxing 4 hero is very expensive food wise

Memory issues

Apparently players hoarding food in Alchemy Lab was causing memory management issues on many devices


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