TBD: Part Deux - Waiting List open

Each bump gets a cup of Wise House coffee aged for 3 months in a Damnation Distillery whiskey barrel. Smooth, yet bold, just like TBD :kissing_heart:

Come burn a titan flag with us @DBC and I’ll pour it on thick.


Tempting as @Macaque1902’s basement is, especially with the excellent catering you are offering, it took me a year to escape last time, best not to risk it :grin:

On topic: Some stellar folks in this alliance, give them a try :slightly_smiling_face:


To put this into context, their war score was 6k higher than ours…

Come hang out for a bit, see how you feel.


I have known, and played alongside, @Macaque1902 for much of my EnP life, and found them to be a fantastic person (and player). Check this squad out, you won’t be disappointed! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love my TI fam getting in on this! Thank you @Saltyy and @DBC ! Still spaces available and another war victory looming. All flags used and excellent team work. What more could you want? Send me or @Kalis a message and let’s get you started on the best move you’ll ever make :wink:


We’ve added one new recruit, still 3 spaces open in our fun, relaxed but competitive alliance. Chaining 12* titans and 13* rare. Simple but effective war strategy with no flags left behind. No crazy roster requirements, just a desire to be the best you can with what you’ve got! If you want a new challenge, a step up, a step down, then come and check us out. Contact details in original post :slight_smile:


Bump bump bump, come check us out if you’re stumped.


We’ve all got a hump day war coming up… good luck to everyone except those who we’re up against :grin:

If you’ve said it’s time to leave in your head over and over, but haven’t done anything about it, maybe it’s time?

Moving down from the grind? Want to move up to somewhere you are appreciated?
TBD has you covered.
Intelligent players.
Community minded.

We DO NOT CARE about your level or your roster. What we do care about is that the fire inside is burning.


Don’t mind me - just bumping this up. As @Kalis says - if you’re feeling you want to take a step up from an Alliance where flags are left on the table and it annoys you, or you want to test yourself on higher Titans - come check us out!
If you want to remain competitive but in a chilled out alliance - come check us out!
If you love Noor, Jade, Chameleon or want to chat misunderstoof heroes - come check us out!

If you don’t want to read the whole thread:

  • 12* Titan Cap (13* Rare)
  • Excellent war record (basic but effective strategy and no flags left behind)
  • Many are chatty, some are not.
  • Community feel
  • Line / Discord optional.

Much love.


Hello there. It’s me again.

We had a lovely war (hope you did too) and all flags were used (as usual). If you are annoyed and frustrated that there were some left on the table AGAIN then pop in and say hello.

We hang around in the top 1k, where it’s competitive but still fun - if you’re thinking about a rest, or a step up, then we’d love to see you!


Macaque1902#2219 (@Macaque1902 )
Jiker#6758 (@Kalis)

Or just knock!


Still some spaces available in our fun, friendly alliance. Come and check us out:

  • International alliance with English as a common language

  • 12* titan cap but kill all 13* rares

  • Simple war strategy with all flags used, but option to opt out if you need to

  • No crazy roster requirements, just a desire to learn how to use what you’ve got

  • Casual but competitive

  • A great Discord server full of useful info, advice and random chat

If you’re still looking for your forever home, get in touch, or pop by and say hello - just tell us you’ve seen our ad in your request to join :blush:


A couple of new recruits are settling in nicely with us at TBD: Part Deux but we’ve still got spaces available. If you want a well organised casual but competitive alliance, great alliance mates and some fun, come and check us out. If you’d like to talk first, message me on discord: Macaque1902#2219 or Line: kungfu_ferret


Currently full, but new spots inevitably open up so feel free to contact us for a chat if you’re thinking of leaving your current alliance :slight_smile:


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