TBD: Part Deux - Waiting List open

Our resident recluse if flapping her butterfly wings back home, so after war we have one spot open!

Strike while the iron is hot my friends, don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

See OP for contact details for @Macaque1902 and myself.

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I wonder who you’re referring to? :thinking:

If you are looking for an encouraging, friendly and knowledgeable alliance - you’ve found it. Don’t just take my word for it, get in contact with @Kalis or @Macaque1902, or reply below - you won’t regret it!


We can accommodate 2 new recruits to our ranks. If a fun-loving, well-balanced alliance full of good people sounds good to you, get in touch with us. 12* titan cap, war optional, simple war strategy and use all 6 flags if opted in. No crazy roster requirements, big hitters and clean up crew welcome. See OP for contact details :grinning:


As a comparatively recent recruit (a whole war cycle has come and gone and I’m very happy) I approve this message.

Edit: how can I not have mentioned our excellent war record and the fact that even at level 65 I’ve learnt loads!


65~29 phenomenal war record!
Capping 12* titans daily!

What else do you need?
Friendly :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Chatty :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
International :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
Helpful :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
No pressure :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
War Plan :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

All the boxes checked, join up with op


2 spots open due to retirement from SG changes. If you’re looking for a home, this is it. We’re comprised of players internationally but the thing that set us apart from other alliances is the camaraderie. If you like to chat, we’re it especially during AW. We’re easy going, we understand RL gets in the way. We just ask that you participate in hitting titans and if opt in for war to use all flags. Simple war strategy that doesn’t force you to have to be on to attack at a certain time.
Message our leader and come check us out to see if we are what you’re looking for.


4 open spots. Another war win this weekend for us.


Bump :slight_smile:

20 characters of recruiting luck


Come check us out, 4 spots open. You won’t be disappointed.

There I was, a rambunctious young scallywag happy in my home, killing Titans (mostly) and winning wars (sometimes). This jolly charade continued for over a year, and then a gnawing feeling of discontent began to sit inside me. What if we used all our war flags? We would probably win!

A few tentative searches on reddit and here got me thinking about if the grass was greener. Months went by. Eventually I stopped fighting the voice and made a post.

That post led me to TBD, easy as 1,2,3 and now I’m happy as Larry (what a guy!)

Imagine a casual alliance that gets you a higher chance at mats. You’ve just imagined TBD. Now look away at your old alliance, now look back: the Titans are capped at 12*! I’ve had more 4* drops since I joined than in the last year.

And you can check out our discord beforehand if you want to see what we’re like. Or just join us for a bit. We won’t bite. Come say hi!


What @JaR82 said…

TBD is a great place to be if you’re looking for a new alliance that is friendly, offers encouragement and is committed to using all war flags - it’s the worst feeling to lose a war because players forgot to use their flags. You won’t have that experience in TBD.

Get in touch… If you’ve read up to this point already, you’re probably ready for change. Coincidentally, there are a few spaces available :innocent:


I can’t like this twice, but just know I do!

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Gotta say, I had an amazing Wednesday and then I come in here and read all the love? What a night capper!


We are.


You are.

TBD: Part Deux
We’re like an E&P buffet. You’re hungry, come eat with us. The proof is in our pudding.


Hello there, reader! What’s that? You’re about to fill your war chest and that niggling feeling about those 11 unused war flags is beginning to reach a crescendo? Another narrow loss, unresponsive members and the knowledge you’ve had enough?

You’ve told yourself that after the war you’d look. Well look no further! Pop on by and say hello.


Nice war today @JaR82 - it’s amazing what we can accomplish when we all step up to the plate and work as one. Dare I tag the deserter? I’d say it was more like dessert for you. 369 is sick.

When it comes to TBD, Gravemaker said it best…

To those of you looking:
We have a strong, devoted membership who support each other and look out for one another, while still achieving and celebrating our own individual accomplishments.

This is an incredible group of people to share more than a cup of coffee with.

Password to get in, after you knock on the door, will be the answer to this question:
IG-88 or K2SO?

We’ll leave the light on for you.


Looking like a bump kinda day


Another war, another victory: All flags used. TICK!

12* Titan cap. TICK!

Beverages and snacks on arrival. TICK!

Medical staff on hand to deal with any scrapes from battle or bad titan boards TICK!

You (and maybe 2 friends?) TICK?



Big win against another superior team, very close war. The never say die attitude is what I love about wars with this alliance. Come join us, few spots available.


3 spots available in our friendly alliance of active, daily players. All war flags used, 12* titan cap but we never let a rare escape, knowledgeable people that love to share their love of the game. Sound like fun? Come and check us out - you won’t regret it! See the op for contact details.


Everyone…if you are currently in an alliance and have ever had remaining war flags then look no further than TBD: Part Deux! I was in an alliance for over a year thinking I was getting everything out of the game but finally built the courage to look around and the last 8 months have been more enlightening than the first 14 months since we are a band of brother and sisters with common interest…winning while accomplishing our own personal goals along the way. We have never missed a titan we intended to take down as well.

Quit beating around the bush and come check us out since this alliance will only improve your overall outlook on the game and community. Hope to see you all soon since we have a few available spots.


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