TBD: Part Deux - Waiting List active

… And I just have to add a like!


Bumpity bump…20 characters!

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Just had an alliance mate decide to take a step back from the game, so a spot opened today.

Still have a great war record…everyone still uses all of the flags…we still have a 12* cap on titans.

Let me know if you are looking for a spot :).


Happy 1st Forumversary @yates1876 - genuine nice guy, and tireless recruiter.
:cake: for all.
Cheers :wine_glass: to many more. :partying_face::confetti_ball::tada:


hey so I’m not new but im not that big either im a level 30 and my tp is in like the 2000s and sometimes i get my phone taken away but i will tell u guys can i join when i get my phone back?

Wait, you still haven’t joined an alliance?! :thinking:

A number of recruiters have taken the time to respond to your requests already. :sweat:

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Hey @Awesome09 - we are full at the moment, and I think not having a phone at times would not allow you to meet our daily commitment guidelines.

There are several training alliances out there that you can try that have lesser requirements. I recently had someone suggest Team Nine as a good training alliance to check out.

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umm i still havent gotten my phone back thats y

i think there are 3 alliances i can join i just gotta decide they all seem nice and easygoing

Being grounded was always the pits. :crazy_face:


We are back to one more spot open if anyone is looking for a spot!

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After you’re done with this weekend’s war and you lose because of unused flags or poorly chosen targets, let me suggest you finally bite the bullet and come over to us in TBD.

What’s the worst that can happen if you leave if you’re already frustrated and unhappy? Got friends you want to bring along? Great, we’ll find a resting place for them too :wink: it doesn’t have to be like this.

The grass is greener. Trust me.


All spaces taken atm. But get in contact if you’re looking - @Yates1876 knows a few other great alliances you could try.

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