TBD: Part Deux - Recruiting

Good luck in the war!

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Thanks. It’s pretty tight at the moment. Hopefully a few opposition players forget to use their flags…


Are you looking for a friendly alliance that uses all their war / titan flags. A wealth of gaming knowledge and encouragement as well? You’ve come by at the right time with a few spaces available.

Reply below or get in touch with @Macaque1902. You’ll thank me I’m sure.


We still have spots available in TBD. Come and check us out, you won’t want to leave!

All we ask is that you play at least once every day, hit the titan (13* cap with 14* rares), use all war flags.

What we give you in return - a fun and friendly home, advice and guidance, commiserations and a shoulder to cry on, active discord server, dedicated leadership, awesome loot tier in alliance quests and Mythic titans.

What more could you want?!


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