TBD: Part Deux - Recruiting

Good luck in the war!

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Thanks. It’s pretty tight at the moment. Hopefully a few opposition players forget to use their flags…


Are you looking for a friendly alliance that uses all their war / titan flags. A wealth of gaming knowledge and encouragement as well? You’ve come by at the right time with a few spaces available.

Reply below or get in touch with @Macaque1902. You’ll thank me I’m sure.


We still have spots available in TBD. Come and check us out, you won’t want to leave!

All we ask is that you play at least once every day, hit the titan (13* cap with 14* rares), use all war flags.

What we give you in return - a fun and friendly home, advice and guidance, commiserations and a shoulder to cry on, active discord server, dedicated leadership, awesome loot tier in alliance quests and Mythic titans.

What more could you want?!


Currently full, but always happy to get to know good people for when that space opens up. If you like the sound of TBD, get in touch :slight_smile:

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Happy 2nd Forumversary / Cake day @JaR82. Thank you for your insightful posts and valued contributions throughout the forum but also for victories in the counting thread too :wink:.

Tagging a few alliance mates …
@Macaque1902 @Owzat @Luna


Thank you @Sarah2 - I hadn’t noticed! This is a great community - and I do love a good count. :smiley:


I only need to count to number 1 when it comes to you my friend! :1st_place_medal: Happy belated cake day @JaR82 :birthday:

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TBD will have some spaces after the weekend war.
We’re looking for enthusiastic, daily players. TBD is a fun and friendly alliance, we’re competitive without crazy requirements. All we ask is that you hit the titans and use all 6 war flags. Simple war strategy, coordinated tanks. 13* titans (14* rares) when at full capacity.
Get in touch with me on Discord if you’re interested: Macaque1902#2219


Sorry @JaR82

Just seen this post

Happy cake day :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:
It is so good to see you around

Thanks so much @Sarah2 for tagging me :green_heart: you are amazing. I don’t know how I missed this!


We are a great team @Macaque1902


We also give a free :turtle: to anyone joining our alliance


Hi, lovely people

If you want to be part of our family; just check @Macaque1902 ’s text

We have

  1. Amazing leadership
  2. Relaxed atmosphere
  3. Great players with tons of experience
  4. Cracking humour…It sometimes takes me 10 min to get it ! (That’s after 3 cups of strong black coffee!)
  5. A free :turtle: and :green_heart:

Text @Macaque1902 :green_heart:

Hope, you will be part of our amazing family


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20 characters… actually 25, come make it 26 :wink:



What @Bruton said

Join our family. You won’t look back.

Contact @Macaque1902 on line (details above)

20 :turtle: characters :green_heart:



We have 4 spaces available in the alliance for active daily players. Simple war strategy, coordinated war tanks, currently 12* titans but will move back to 13* when full, kill all rares!

Friendly team environment, active discord server (joining is preferred by not essential if you will read game chat and alliance messages), knowledgeable team mates.

Players of all abilities considered, but must be able to field a decent war defence and have 6 attacking teams. Must also be willing to whack the titan!

This really is a great group of people! If you’re interested in joining us or want to know more contact me on Discord or line - see OP for details.


3 spaces still available - come and join the fun!


We still have 3 spaces open. Come and check us out!


Are you in an alliance with inactive members? Or where war flags are consistently left? Or where titan activity and participation is low?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions and you’re getting frustrated, come and check out TBD!

We’re an active alliance with a friendly / family feel, we also have an active discord server for fun, information sharing, data etc.

We always use our war flags. If someone doesn’t, leadership do take action. We talk a lot about ways to improve upon our latest performance. We win and lose as a team!

We love to take down 13* titans and 14*rares as a team. We encourage each other, offer advice and help build better titan teams. We want to push each other to that magical 100k+ hit and we celebrate when it happens!

We look forward to meeting you!


Hey @voidstrike, check out these guys if you’re looking for a new home. Really great group of international players.

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Aw Sarah… TBD are indeed awesome … but you know full well where @voidstrike belongs :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: