TBD: Part Deux - Please read current messages

Hey if you are still looking for an alliance to merge with, may I suggest checking out the Skeleton Clique. Currently at 24/30 so would be a perfect fit!

Please check out the recruitment thread:
Skeleton Clique

If you would like further information, you can hit me up on line

Hope to hear from you and the TBD team soon!

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Hello TBD, I would love to have you all in our Alliance. Currently 20/30 and killing 10-11* titans… Europe/USA/Australia members, no drama adults :slight_smile: Find us in Freelandia. Looking forward to join our potential.

@Dastamasta do you have line or discord?

Yes our Alli have discord but prefer chat inside game. @MastaDasta#6099

Bumping this ad. A small, active and very friendly group. I know this for a fact after visiting many, many alliances. All war and titan flags are used. The whole team recently returned from a road trip, so currently 3* titans.

If you’re looking for a change, and to be amongst good people, reply here or get in touch with Yates - Line & Discord Yates1876. This could be your forever home :smile:.

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Now hitting 5* beasties



Hi Yates,

If you guys are still looking to merge with a truly awesome team check out United Fiighters! We are a bunch of very experience hard hitters and a very friendly and active team. We would welcome all of you!

Check us out!

Firstly, welcome to the forum.


If a person has been awol for over 70 days, are they still defined as active? :thinking:

Cephus is a long term member who was very active and a great communicator who has disappeared. And I guess we care too much for the individual to simply kick them!

Thanks for your interest!

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But as a fellow antipodean come join us! We’re a nice bunch

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I’m sure @Yates1876 will have questions. Thanks for the invite :wink:… TBD are a tough act to follow. GL

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Thanks @ReallyEvilSue for the invite. At the moment, the group really wants to try to grow organically. If anything changes, I will keep you in mind.

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Update: we are already back up to 6* titans…and looks like we may make it to 7* before we level out with the new additions.

So you are the dodgy Kiwi that @Macaque1902 was referring to … :astonished: :thinking: :rofl:


I think of myself as more of an orange…maybe an apple…definitely not a kiwi :slight_smile:


I am more of a mango guy. :grin:


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