TBD: Part Deux - Please read current messages

We are an active, friendly, alliance, comprised of several veterans, focused on growing as players and as a team and we cover different time zones too.

Who we are:
–Active daily players
–We get along with each other and like to chat
–Use all war flags, and a simple war strategy
–Work as a team to defeat titans, currently 12*

Reach out to me on Line or discord - kungfu_ferret
Look forward to hearing from you.


You may want to edit to include your alliance name


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if you have line, contact me and we can discuss

Hi Yates.

I’m currently leading an alliance of 23 that would have room for your group, if you’re looking for a merger. The top end of our alliance is about where you are with 2k cups and defense teams around 4k+ team power with the bottom end being more casual or newer, and around 3k defense team and 1200 cups.

If you’re interested, feel free to reply and we can discuss - we’re no where near a roll 100 alliance, but have great people and are committed to growing together as a group.

Hey @CCG - thanks for the reach out. What is your alliance name? I can look it up and show my group.

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We’re Path of Daggers - members across the globe - Canada, USA, Britain, Romania, Greece, India, Australia and others.

Thanks @CCG! We are 15/25 on our current war chest…so talking it over this next week. I appreciate the invite! If the group is interested, I will let you know.

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Red Hot & Blue could be right up you ally. A mix of UK, USA and Australia. We did the same thing you did. We are 14 stone. Most are around 3700+. I’m the biggie 70 and 4300. Most member have a player rank in the 40’x.

The Aussis are a neat group of blots(might have red that wrong) and does lighten up us Americans

We have simple rule: 1 use all flags in war, 2) at Least 3 lick of a titian 3) try to follow an organized attack plan. we are trying to follow Yo mamma’s information. We are try to take advantage of the time zone difference. 4 day of in activity without notice or 7 with notification is grounds for demotion/dismissal.

I there rounds of war we went for 3* titians to getting our first 7* which at the rate it is taking damage even in war we will kill.

We have cup and titian races for the ability to choose the team centers.
We are trying to get the group to use LINE but a small group and only one alliance is getting by with the game chat. I and the leader(someone had to leave the group to set up the new alliance) use Line. Azurev33

I would be nice to be able spin off our smaller members to a sister alliance and not make them feel rejected.

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Thanks @hothom…I was actually talking to Azure on Line earlier today. I have spoken to a few alliances about a merger, but I think we have decided today we want to keep looking for 3-5 to add to our bunch. But thank you so much for reaching out.

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best os luck. we are still well open

Good luck and hope you fill up soon. Using every war & titan flag is more difficult than you think when I recently visited many different alliances. So glad you guys have 100% participation :star_struck:.

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Thanks @Sarah2 - and I took your advice on my post. If you ever want to stop in for a war, you are always welcomed.


My alt account might just take you up on your offer :hugs: Great job BTW :wink:

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Sounds great!

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Poseidon’s Warriors would love to have you all. We have room for 6. We fight 8 and 9 star titans and hold our own in war. We are a friendly group we understand real life and we use all our flags. Come check us out

Thanks for the reach out @Rachel1…I am not sure that is a fit for us, but we definitely appreciate the offer.

No problem. Good luck

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@Rachel1 - do you have a Line id or discord?

Yes my line ID is realmbender