TBD: Part Deux - One Spot

To celebrate our new recruits, we have an 11* beastie. I’m just hoping the 4*AMs rain down. :wink:


It didn’t :rofl::joy::rofl:


Come join us and celebrate by hitting the beast!


Gentlest of tickles to update this thread. We’ve gained a few more awesome players, but still room for the right players. Reply here or get in touch with @Yates1876 - see OP for Line and/or Discord details.

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We’ve got another one!


Your alliance looks intriguing. Have been in the same alliance for my entire time, but due for a change. Current alliance doesn’t have enough diligent players and am looking for that… seems like you are that. I use all flags on all Titans and wars and will be level 61 in a day or two. I was a varsity basketball coach for 25 years and respect the family approach you say you have.

Anything you can add to make me make the jump?

Oliver, B.C. Canada


Well, you sound like you’d fit right in @Baromere.

Feel free to knock on the door, try us out before you make any decision. Leaving an alliance you’ve been in from the beginning is a tough decision. But we are an active alliance, and if that’s what you’re looking for, TBD ticks that box.

Lots of really knowledgeable players here who share their expertise. We don’t leave war flags unused either, so another box ticked on your list.

We are a chatty international bunch too.


Well, we have some friendly, chatty Canadians :grin:


@Baromere. It was difficult for me to make that jump too. But my last alliance was falling into that pattern of 1/3 not contributing with the rest and we seemed to be stuck and never improving. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I want to be in the top 100.
But here at TBD, I’ve been re-energized sort of speak with every member’s contribution and just trying to get us all better. Wars are loads of fun for me again, we never have any unused flags. Titan hits are also fun with everyone so active.
We’re very international, chatty almost all around, friendly, and helpful with any insights. You seem like the type we are looking for, so come by and see for yourself.


@Baromere - sorry for a delayed response from me…real life has been busy, but at least a few of our guys responded (thanks @Sarah2, @princess1 and @Witchdoctor). I think the most compelling draw for you may be that a lot of us, like WD said, came from your spot. We were in alliances that maybe we were in from the beginning, but there was a lack of consistency and no real desire to get better as players or an alliance. Our original core of 6 split off from an alliance and formed a more dedicated group. And we have grown with people with the same mindset. It is a fun group…that is chatty and formed some good game relationships.

Feel free to friend me on discord or line. We also have a server set up on discord if you want to join there first and get to know us.

Good luck making your decision…we all know it is a tough one.


Thanks you four for the insight! You are exactly what I’m looking for in an alliance. I will come knocking within the next day after the war is finished in my current alliance. I look forward to it!


@Christian77 I noticed you posted on another recruitment ad, so was not going to reply there. Bad form. Belatedly, welcome to the forum.

But, just wanted to say, using all war flags is something we all do here, when opted in. Get in contact with @Yates1876, details in OP if you want to know more. GL

Losing a close war because of unused flags… Been there… Moved on :wink:.

Sarah, thanks for reaching out. I took a look at your Alliance. Having an active group is very appealing to me, but I don’t think I’m “up to snuff” with you guys. I’m only level 29, and my best defense team is about 3050 team power. I’m not sure how much help I would be to you all.

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If you’re an active player, wanting to learn, you’ll go far. We were all at that “new” player place once upon a year or two ago lol.

My team is not quite 4k and always a OSK magnet in wars :sweat:. Yes, your team would be even more targeted. Further, 11* titans are just bullies too.

Check back if things change for you. We have lots of players that can help you grow your heros. GL

Thanks. Given your experience with the game, I’d like to ask you, if you were a relatively new player like me, what would you do? Try to join an Alliance like yours right now, or just stick where I am until I gain more experience?

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Hey @Christian77…if you don’t currently have a home, it may benefit you to join us for a little while, even if you opt out of wars, until you decide what to do.

Or, if you have discord, you could at least join our server and ask questions.

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Joining a knowledgeable alliance would be my #1 recommendation for avoiding the many pitfalls of this game.

@yates1876#8606 to the rescue. If you ask to join in game, just say you were speaking to yates or Sarah and you’ll be invited in.


Thank you Sarah and Yates for taking the time to speak with me about this issue. I appreciate it very much. I’m going to have to think about whether I leave my current Alliance right now, join you guys, or move to a more active Alliance that is not as advanced as yours. 11 star titans would crush me right out of the box, I’m afraid!


An exciting finish today as several of us watched one of our teammates finish off a defense with about 10 mins left to win by 3 points. Several cheers and virtual high fives as she got done. I would be willing to bet a lot that we have some of the best comaraderie out there. It was a very fun war today!

We are just starting a new war chest. A good time to check us out!


Dedicated leadership, extremely active community, and people who actually enjoy each other’s (virtual) company. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

This alliance is really special. May there be no reservations regarding leaving your current alliance and coming here. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we? TBD is on the verge of something incredible.

What I love most about this alliance however is that it’s never an arms race between members. @Yates1876 and co. understand the process and there’s no demand to produce outside of your means.


Thanks @Kalis. I do feel like we are heading in an awesome direction!!

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