Taxed Purchases – show the amount one is actually paying vs showing a price & then click on the icon to see what the additional taxes are

Since purchases are being taxed. It would be nice to show the amount one is actually paying vs showing a price & then click on the icon to see what the additional taxes are. This can help prevent overdrawn accounts since not many know they’re no longer paying the advertised amount…

That depends on where you’re located. Here in Europe, the displayed price is the final price, in line with EU consumer laws.

No offense, but if the few extra cents for sales tax will cause you to overdraw your account, you’re probably spending too much money on this game.


There are no added taxes in Canada (exception Quebec)

I believe that the USA is the only country which is taxed in arrears… Most other countries include tax in the purchase price itself.

Australia for example, the shown price includes tax.

There are a lot of new c2p players (especially in the E&P page) who got caught off guard by the taxes & ended up overdrawn…

What?? In US, you guys paying taxes afterwards? I am not familiar with US tax system but “include tax” isn’t more efficient? Interesting though.


I think taxation is their smallest problem these days. :man_shrugging:t2::man:t2:‍🦰


Yes there are taxes added in Canada, at least the province I live in. And I do not live in Quebec. Regardless the tax portion is small, you really need to keep your budget in mind if you have one.


For me the taxes are equivalent to what my state sales taxes are. So it’s always safe to assume when making purchases that there maybe taxes added. And I agree if those few cents are causing overdrafting then I would suggest using gift cards or factoring in a few extra dollars to cover possible taxes to be on the safe side

I use iTunes cards: I can never be overdrawn. If you get caught off guard by taxes, may I offer this alternative? :slight_smile:


I have google play points. Basically points for purchases made in games which you can later redeem to get google play to make more purchases & get points lol… I’ll keep that in mind though for those w/ iphones.

  1. In concrete stores (at least where I live) prices shown are before tax. You don’t see the final purchase price including taxes until the bill is rung up. This is because taxes can vary between single and multiple purchases due to rounding.

  2. If you want to see a final purchase price including taxes that is probably more of a Google Play or Apple … iStore? … issue than an E&P issue.

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