Tavern Token

A Tavern Token can be used for a 1 time pull from the Tavern of Legends portal that gives 100% chance at a past hero of the month with staggered percentage being high for a classic HotM to a much lower percentage with the more recent HotM.

Where to find a Tavern Token
As a Special Offer purchase linked with a Special Quest.

How this works
Purchase a Tavern Token for $14.99. You have a Tavern Token but you cannot trade it in yet. That purchase unlocks a Special Quest to kill some bandit or hunt down a legendary HotM like the next HotM to join the legendary tavern portal. The quest can be extremely easy and cost a flag or two. The purpose behind the quest is to make it feel like you’re being initiated into a rogue’s guild — you must prove your worth.

The Token
Design: An old wooden coin with an insignia on it. At face value, the coin looks worthless but the true value is getting your foot inside the elite section of the tavern.

Single Use: Only 1 coin can be used during 1 active portal. This would help to minimize saturation.

Pull Percentage: Classic HotM have the highest percentage pull rate and scales downward as each batch of past HotM were released. We can’t get every hero we want but at least give us something other than Dawa :sweat_smile:

Revenue through mass small scale purchases. Keep legendary coin deals and add this as a third option.

Open the door to new channels of revenue. For example, Myself, my wife, and my 2 young step-sons play E&P. The wife and I spend but the boys are both 100% F2P. If I knew that my boys were guaranteed a 5* hero, I would spend $14.99 each. Of course my wife and I would make the purchase. That would be $60 from 1 household for a single portal, possibly more.

How many others out there would purchase something like this, whether they are a big spender, a small budget spender, or not a spender but this deal is too good to pass up?

Putting this idea out there to try to find a solution between the game making money (which is necessary if we want this game last longer) and having the player base feel warm and fuzzy because they at least pulled a 5* hero (which is factor to keep players playing).

Not sure what the pros and cons would be exactly but I would love to hear them. I believe that something like this would be good for the game and the community during this pretty bleak time.

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