Tavern of Legends - SOLUTION for Season 1 legendary heroes

Instead of keeping season 1 legendary heroes, they can make 4 additional heroes, which can be only obtained in tavern, like the only currently with 0,1% chance, and give each one a 0,25% chance to get pulled.

One exclusive tavern hero of each COLOUR + OLD HOTMS :slight_smile:

The rate can stay 2,5% beacuse this is the most exclusive hero list of all portals.

ARE YOU WITH ME?!?! shouts into crowd with a sword in air


If you reduced the coins to call from 100 to 10 it would already help but your idea is also great. You need to improve the% to call too. There is no point in doing 7 steps and getting only 1 hero summon.

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We’ve always been with you and the many others who try to think of creative ideas for pulls and summons and 5* odds…

But the issue is SG is never with us lol

Or not often enough.

They could make a 4 * Wo Kong hero just a little bit better. Like MiKi.

Poderiam fazer um herói de 4* estilo Wo Kong só que um pouco melhor. Tipo o MiKi.

It is true. They don’t read about new ideas that we give. I think that because it is a legend event, only legends should come.

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So what will happen to the Dawa(s) and Renfeld(s)?

In my opinion they deserve an improvement but they should not come to this event.